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FCRA Compliance Requirements for Employers Running Background Checks

I have been working at UPS for over 30 years. UPS does not make changes like the MVDC change without a motive and planed course of action. The DOT MVDC required by law does not allow UPS to access any of your records. If you think it was not a premeditated decision by UPS Corporate Legal; I have a bridge to sell you.

Even though it mentions “credit reporting” in its title, the FCRA applies to much more than credit reports. The background reports regulated under the FCRA include the consumer’s credit standing, but they can extend to matters of character, general reputation, personal characteristics, mode of living, and similar information—all of which can determine a person’s eligibility for credit, insurance, or a job.

This "• I voluntarily and fully authorize UPS to obtain driving records and reports about me for employment purposes, as set forth in the separate Disclosure of Intention to Obtain Driving Records for Employment Purposes provided to me. This authorization shall remain in effect for the remainder of my employment with UPS and shall allow UPS to obtain subsequent driving records and reports about me at any time so as to update, renew, extend or evaluate my continued employment, or to consider me for other employment positions, except where prohibited by applicable law. • I also voluntarily and fully authorize the release of all information and records necessary for the completion of the driving records and reports authorized by me above

And This: the DOT required MVDC we have been filling out for decades: MOTOR VEHICLE DRIVER CERTIFICATION (MVDC) Name: Address: UPS Employee ID# I certify that the following is a true and complete list of traffic violations (other than parking violations) for which I have been convicted or forfeited bond or collateral during the past 12months. This list includes all violations, in private and/or commercial vehicles, that I have had charged to me in that period.I understand I must notify my supervisor the next business day if my driving privilege has been suspended, revoked, or cancelled, or if I have been disqualified from operating a commercial vehicle. Date Offense Location Type of Vehicle___/___/___

Print this form off and fill it out. Then you are good.'s%20Certification%20of%20Violations_508.pdf

UPS always has an agenda.

No one is required by the DOT to agree to the terms of the new purported federally mandated MVDC.

All you are required to do is fill out the old MVDC form. That's it.

Or just blindly sign everything UPS puts in front of you.
If UPS plans on stealing drivers identities, and the jokes on them because quite a few of the drivers I work with have two ex-wives 4 child support payments and a credit score in the 500s most likely lol.

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Knew of a center that was keeping a no-longer working driver's id on the books.
They would hire new temp drivers and log them under his name.
I ran into him one day at a convenience store , where he was looking for odd jobs to get by on.
Told him I saw him still listed and there were service awards with his name of them at the center.


At our center UPS has posted a notice stating drivers can still fill out the MVDC the old way. The paper form that you list your driving violations or write NONE on the form. The old MVDC is all that is required by the DOT.

The MVDC gives UPS permission to access credit scores, medical records, educational records, criminal records, etc.

UPS requesting these permissions under the guise of the MVDC being required by the DOT is dishonest and unethical.

If UPS was honest and forthright; they could have asked permission to access all those records in a form that is completely separate from the MVDC. Instead UPS would rather be deceptive. It would have to be negotiated as UPS is presenting it as a condition of employment. Everyone who has submitted the UPSer MVDC is working under a separate agreement from those who submitted a paper MVDC.
Browned out you're right.
To anyone that did sign the new MVDC you gave UPS permission to get into any and all of your data. I just spent 5 months fighting this thing as a CFPA violation (which it is) as far as I can tell the union (Massachusetts) and the company made a mid-contract agreement with an illegal subject. Both sides will admit nothing. It eventually became comical. I mentioned Trusted Workforce in my discipline meeting. (Insubordination for not complying with UPS's policy of breaking the law) You could have heard a pin drop. I saw someone mentioned HIPPA Rights in this thread. Do you actually read the medical disclosure when you get a UPS dot card? Besides what you gave away in that plus the "MVDC separate disclosure" that 99% of you didn't read. UPS has access. If you say "Oh the union wouldn't let that happen" They already did! They've known for a decade UPS was using the MVDC illegally as permission to get consumer reports on you.
If anyone wants to know anything, please ask. If you think I'm full of it. Call me out! But you have to do it in a question.
FYI if you have any skeletons in your closet... Your in trouble.



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Thank God, I'm not alone. Don't sign the thing. If you already signed it, it's "evergreen" you'll never see it again. The only thing you can do is call the company who's providing the service and tell them you weren't informed about what you signed. In Massachusetts it's Samba safety. I've contacted everyone I could think of at UPS. Building, district, regional managers then the SVP of US operations. All the UPS senior legal counsel and cheif legal counsel. (Yup, I'm gone) I found out they all got my email. (I honestly thought they would have a filter) NO ONE will even admit that this happened. At first it was funny, then infuriating. Like having a conversation with a chatty Cathy doll. Ask your BA! Demand from your local! Mine went along with it, let me destroy my life.


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