My hours are being shaved!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by JackAttack, Jun 4, 2008.

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    What can I do about this? I'm fairly new at UPS and I haven't joined the union, when I asked our old steward about joining the union he said that there was no need to join unless I get in trouble. I brought up the issue about my (and other peoples') hours being shaved to a new steward (who is a complete douche IMHO) and he almost got into an argument with me about it and pretty much told me to keep track of my hours (which I already do). How do I go about filing a grievance about this. For some reason most people I work with don't seen to care about it as much as I do. I'm 99% sure which supervisor is doing it and I've heard that he was fired for it in the past but somehow he was able to get his job back.
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    How much time are you talking about?
    If your goal is to get the pay that you deserve, tell the steward that you want to file the grievance and ask him to help you through the process, if he refuses to do so contact your business agent at the local. If your goal is to get the suspicious sup fired, call the 1-800 ethics hot line and report him. Make sure you have all your facts together.
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    You need to take a two fold approach.

    First you need to confront the supervisor with their manager present. Try to work it out if possible.

    Second, if there is no correction, file a complaint with the National Labor Relation Board with copies of the complaint direct to UPS in Atlanta. You will be surprised how fast this will correct the problem.

    I am speaking from experience here. UPS HATES goverment involvment with their payroll games and will stop immediately if they are involved!
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    First and foremost, do you have proof that there is a discrepancy in your hours? That is pretty much what everything hinges on.

    Your supervisor might be stupid, but he's not THAT stupid. Changing people's timecards is a major issue. If there is any shenanigans going on then there will be an electronic paper trail.

    Before you go all the way to the Supreme court, try resolving the issue with your supervisor and his boss first.
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    You really shouldnt post the same topic in mutiple forums
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    What do you mean by "shaved"? Are you saying that a supervisor is changing your time card?

    If so, this is a very serious offense and the supervisor should be fired!!

    A timecard whether electronic or on paper is a legal document and as was mentioned, there must be a trail.

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    are you in a center or a hub/gateway? this may take some foot work by you but hubs/gateways keep their timecards for the previous year you SHOULD be allowed to look at them and compare them vs your checks and see that way., im not too familar with the package time keeping system but i believe you can see a log of your punches and if they were ever adjusted
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    Start writing down your clock in/out time every day. You can figure out the hrs paid in decimal system. Every 6 mins is .10. 15 mins = .25, 30 min = .50, 45 mins = .75. It is easy to track and if your write your time down you already have your documentation to file with.
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    Thanks guys, to clarify what I was getting at, this is about my recorded hours being tampered with. They used to bring our time-sheets down but now they tell me to go to flow control when i need to check my hours, I can change the hours and they don't give me any crap at all about it, which makes it even more obvious if you ask me. Lots of the people in mys section are aware of it going on, but is there really a "computer-trail" that would show that my hours were adjusted. If its really that simple to prove, that would be awesome.
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    Should I have him initial next to the hours I changed so it doesn't look like I'm padding my hours then go in search of the paper trail, if there is one. And where would I go and who would i talk to to find this paper trail if it exists. Do I report him to the hub manager? He is a f/t sup
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    There is absolutely an audit trail. Every edit is recorded. Just aske to see the time card edits. That will prove it.

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    I realize I shouldn't but I was p.o.'d at the time and wanted the most help as possible
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    when i was in hs i worked at a fast food change, i worked there for almost 3 yrs, i quit and worked retail for awhile. About 6 months after I quit fast food I got a check from the company accopanied with a letter from the DOL saying there was a complaint against the company they audited the time cards for the 3 yrs and found they were shaving time. They have to keep a paper trail incase something like this happens