My Mechanic Is Not Good At His Job

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by porkwagon, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. porkwagon

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    Last Friday my bulkhead lock was hard to turn so I wrote it up. Dude changed the core for Monday, but it was just as hard to turn so I wrote it up again. Today its still very difficult to turn, only now it's greasy as well. While he was at it he changed the back door lock and replaced the latch using screws that are too long and protrude through the door directly behind the handle and it bit my knuckle.
    During peak, the spring for my helper's seat broke so I wrote it up. He didn't do it right and the seat would only spring about halfway back. So with about 300 stops the seat would be in the way when trying to get boxes past it. When I wrote it up he replied that it met manufacturer's specs. After about a week I asked his manager to fix it and it was done.
    There is no real point to all of this, just wanted to vent and share.
  2. helenofcalifornia

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    You are treading on dangerous waters, Pork! Not much you can do if you have a bad mechanic. Especially if it's a small center and you only have one. You are in a "damned if you do; damned if you don't" situation. Feel sorry for you and your fellow drivers. We had an excellent mechanic who could fix ANYTHING, cover up scratches and broken mirrors and knew ALL the gossip before management did. (And it was usually right) And of course, he is no longer with us. Sigh. I think your mechanic will get better with more experience and training hopefully.
  3. Cementups

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    Not realy true helen. We had a mechanic that was worse than what pork is describing. Eventually with enough screwups and incomplete jobs, they displaced him.
  4. DS

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    wow I thought I was bad with the put him in a bag to Albuquerque ,cementups takes it one step further with
    his diplacement techniques...wheres jimmy hoffa?
  5. browntruckmechanic

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    As a mech speaking. Try doing this write car up every night eventually he will get so sick and tired of looking at that car number on the dvir and it will get fixed. If it is a safety issue and I mean a real safety issue. You can refuse to drive the car. But beware car will be taken to shop and looked over by another mech usually the union steward for the shop and if union steward says car is safe, then a world of hurt could be heading your way, but if car is unsafe and mech just signed off dvir the the world of hurt is on him. DOT Reg's.
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    Dude finally fixed it all and got it right. All is well but I feel like a jerk now.
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    Dont feel like a jerk, it is a safety concern, as well as production slow down. And we cant have that. There are jerks everywhere. In all occupations. I have the best mechanic. You didnt. We all get paid to do a job, and we should all be held accountable to do it. Something that could hurt you or cause delays, (those 1/100s click by real fast), need to be fixed. But I hate the grease thing too when they PMI all the locks. Aside from the grease there is the smell. And that is almost worse.
  8. Our mechanic was rated at 44% on the ERI. Think anything has changed? No.
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    Same here. I'll bet somewhere on the bottle or MSDS sheet it says, "Avoid Contact With Skin". I end up with that crap on me for days after a PMI.
  10. feederwrench

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    I'm one of those guys(mechanic).When i was in the package car shop, my fleet was 39 cars.It was extremely difficult to keep up but it was possible.Now I have a tractor fleet with only 19 trucks and I am able to talk to all my drivers and adress anything small that comes up.Most of the time we have little time to work on write-ups and can only get to the safety items.If you talk to your mechanic and let him know there is still a problem, he will probably fix it right then for you.Sometimes we deserve the bad rap, but not always.
    Sorry for the poor service.
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    Hey porkwagon, I realize this is long after the fact, but I was looking up My Mechanic and came across your comment. I find it curious that any service you were so totally dissatisfied with you would continue to return to repeatedly. Anyone I thought was that bad I would drop like a hot potato and let all my friends know as well. I have actually been extremely well satisfied and I do let my friends know ! :happy-very:
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    Do yourself a favor and actually read the thread before posting. If you had done so you would have seen that pork was talking about his shop mechanic at UPS. We don't have any control over who works on the package cars.
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    What a debut, lol. Welcome to the boards....