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    I've been with company for 6.5 years now (part time hourly). During that time I finished school and now have a degree in political science. Being a driver is not an option for me anymore because of a knee condition that would get worse with the frequent stepping involved with driving. That being said, that leaves being a PT sup if I want to stay with UPS, FT within my area (Portland,OR), or FT relatively close to home that is out of state.

    Being a PT sup is really hard to swallow with what the pay is per hour from what I've been told. Reinforcing that point is the ability to double shift currently. I do have questions that I would like answered to make a better decision though. How has the ACA affected insurance for PT sups? Since I'm vested in a pension plan now how would my retirement benefits work once I was no longer part of the union? I know that there's a matching 401K for sups, but would the amount accrued as an hourly sit idle until retirement age? If FT sup was intriguing enough how quickly could I be promoted to one or become a specialist? Is there a minimum time that I would have to be PT before being considered for FT?
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    I find it curious that nowhere in your post did you mention the possibility of pursuing work within your degree field.
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    stay part time take that poli sci to law school. the ONLY good would be tuition reimbursement and thats only 2k a semester as a pt sup. full time i SERIOUSLY doubt you'd get with a 4 yr not related to the biz and no pt or driving exp unless you got one hell of a good friend 2-3 levels over center manager.
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    Why did you waste money on a degree if you have no intentions of using it?
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  5. greengrenades

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    I'd have to agree with brownslave, use your degree. If you go into management you will be miserable just like everyone else in management. Do you really want to be miserable? Just stay part time, get the benefits while you can then find something in your field. I know at my hub some guys have worked it out to where they just work a couple hours a day or even just one day a week to keep insurance, try to do that if you can.
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    I've put in a decent amount of time with the company so I'm just looking at what I can do. A lot of jobs on the internal board just require a bachelors but I don't want to travel to an extreme distance. Keeping my job as an hourly is something I've thought of too if I landed something FT outside of UPS.
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    I don't think law school is covered under TAP. Get it in writing.

    If you stay at UPS, best bet is to stay PT hourly at night/preload for benefits, and try to start your career during daytime.

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    Maybe he loves brown that much, or does it for no reason just like most of america.

    Yeaaaa, i think ill spend 4-8 years in school after high school and still flip burgers.........
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    It is in Political Science.
    Teacher, politician, lawyer, police, ... ?