My Pick off raise.

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    i was wondering, you know when you take the pick off test on your belt and pass and they give you a dollar raise and then they move to another belt, will they subtract that dollar from my pay? and lets say if by some stroke of luck they move me back will i have to take the test again?
  2. Richard Harrow

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    Your raise will be picked off.
  3. it's up to the supervisor what to code your night as. I'll pay you 4$ a night to never ask anymore questions.
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    You should keep the dollar even if you aren't picking off. That is how they do it here anyway. Up to 5 people can be certified per dock or PD. You keep the dollar unless you take a permanent unskilled job elsewhere in the building (unload, SPA, irregs etc). You should ask a steward. Here they have to go by seniority when moving people from work areas.
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    Why is the second half in bold lettering?