My true heroes.

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    Pro football season is right around the corner and my anticipation is just as high as the next football honk. I can recall as a youth, my childhood heroe played for the San Diego Chargers.

    The years went by and finally got to meet him. It was during a celebrity golf tournament here in So Cal. I was able to mustard up the courage to approach this former athlete and convey this message. No later than two words spoken by me, that he ignored me and walked past me. It was crushing, even for a grown man.

    What this moment taught me, was a lesson that deep inside I already knew. My role models, are those adults that made a true and significant impact on my life as a youth.

    My Mother, raising five small children, because the father passed away at a young age.
    A Father, although for a short time, throwing the football with his son, after a very hard day at work

    An ant, who treated me as if I was her own, with love, compassion and firmness.

    A neighbor, who saw the need of 3 young boys to be steered clear of trouble. Always got the neighboor hood kids for a game of touch football.

    Makes me think of what my son is holding on as memories of me.

    Finally, there was a second encounter with my child hood heroe. It was at a restaurant and said to him, aren't you so and so? We spent a few minutes conversating about old times. He turned out to be a nice person.
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    Today, and for a while to come, my hero is Kevin Costner.
    He just left this city yesterday (after a bizarre weather accident at the Big Valley Country Music Festival) . The stage collapsed, just before he was to perform with his band.
    Tornedo like winds hit the fest in a matter a minutes (from blue skies to a severe storm).

    we had 15 that were injured enough for hospital treatment, 2 of them remain in critical condition, and 1 single mom died (she left behind 2 children - a trustfund has been set up) her kids are age 10 and 16.

    Now , Good Kevin, has announced today, he'll be back here, to help those victims !
    He will be remembered in this city for longer then his lifetime. And in this wonderful province of ours.
    What a generous man with even more of a generous heart !
    I hope they give him the key to the city and an honorable citizenship !

    Thanks Kevin !

    PS: I would love to see the smile on the faces of those kids , when you meet them in person , and the other 2 in the hospital !
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    What a heartwarming story in these tough times!!
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    My daughter Danielle is my hero. She's had a few tough breaks but always bounces back. She is a single mother to a 33 month old boy. He has been preliminarily diagnosed with autism. She holds down a job and spends about 20 hours a week with him and his instructors. I don't know how she does it but I know one lucky little boy that has a mommy who loves him so much. As I am typing this out I am fighting back the tears. I love her and she will always be my Grumpy Bear. I wish that I could wave a magic wand and make her whole world a better place.

    She recently moved into her own apartment. I wasn't too thrilled to see her go. She told me that she was 24 years old and had to try to make it on her own. She asked me if she could come back home if she couldn't make a go of it. I told her that as long as I'm alive, she will have a place to come back to. I truly hope that she never comes back - except to visit. That would mean that she made it.:happy2:
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    This is the essence of what this thread is about. Very well said. I too was having a hard time staying composed, hence my spelling of "heroe.:happy2:"
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    My dad is/was my hero. It is very unfortunate that I did not realize this until he was already gone.
    My daughter is my hero because she had to grow up having her dad as only a visitor when he would come in off the road.
    My son is becoming my hero because he really tries to live by the way too high standards I expect of him.
    My wife is my hero for dealing with me and all the BS that goes along with dealing with me.

    My mom is my true hero because no matter what I tell her in any conversation it always ends with her saying, "I love you".
  7. Jones

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    I'm not too big on heroes, more into giving people the respect that they deserve for the things they have done. Having said that, Philippa Raschker leaves me pretty much in awe. I hope when I'm 62 I'm still able to do 1/10 of the stuff she does
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    As you know we just got back from vacation. One of my stops was in Cheyenne to see a friend that I haven't seen in 10 - 12 years. We had a great time and we actually extended our stay by a day so I could spend more time with my friend. The point of this is the following:

    My friends youngest son is autistic. He will soon be 18 yrs old. He is, to this day, unable to speak but he is extremely smart and expressive. It had been quite awhile since I had been around him and I was amazed at how well he communicated. All it took was understanding what he was wanting. Obviously we were not very adept at understanding.

    When we got there we went in and sat down and kicked our feet up, relaxing. After awhile Mac satrted touching my hubbys boots and then walking away. He did this for several hours. We had no idea why Mac was doing this. Late in the day I commented to my friend about Macs behavior. She chuckled and said, "He wants you to take your boots off.". She said if you are staying it is time to take boots off and get comfortable. My hubby took his boots off and sure enough Mac went on to something else.

    Big, Danielles world is a better place. She has you and her son. She will be ok.