N. Korea's Kim threatens S. Korea

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    PYONGYANG, North Korea, March 10 (UPI) -- North Korea said Saturday Kim Jong-un inspected Navy units in the
    West Sea of Korea as the country made fresh threats against South Korea

    Read more: N. Korea's Kim threatens S. Korea - UPI.com
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    "Failure to Launch?"
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    I can't imagine a 'failure to launch' situation myself. :winks:
  6. Broke apart in the air.
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    If I were king, I would pull all of our troops out of South Korea. I would then provide South Korea and Japan with 15 or 20 cruise missiles tipped with low-yield nuclear warheads that would have enough range to hit anything in North Korea. If we give our allies the means to defend themselves, we wont have to have our troops in harms way.