Nallin announces; UPS Upgraded


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After John Nallin finally announced his intent to resign from Information Services, UPS is upgraded to neutral. John, the man of the famous quote, "we will always be an OS/2 AS400 shop and we will never buy UNIX" is gone. We will all miss his leadership(and yelling and screaming and demeaning and fear tactics).

LONDON (MarketWatch) -- United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS : united parcel service inc
Last: 73.12+0.84+1.16%
11:33am 02/01/2007

UPS was upgraded to neutral from sell at Merrill Lynch, which cited valuation after the shares fell around 10% since July. The broker said UPS' next-day-air and freight divisions face tough comparisons in the first half of 2007, but comparisons will ease in the second half of the year. It added international express volumes should continue to grow at double-digit rates.
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Anonymous like the WIND

If ONLY a bunch more of Barnes staff would leave too the stock would go up even further.

There is no bigger drain on UPS than the totally inept and clueless corporate IT organization its currently hand cuffed too.

Why Atlanta lets them continue to be way up in NJ and totally unsupervised doing crazy stuff without any care for cost, efficiency, or common sense is a mystery.

For a company so big on micro-management styles, they sure get away with murder without so much as a word from anyone in ATL questioning their capabilities and demanding real results.

If anyone in atlanta had a clue, they would would move the WHOLE operation from the NJ/NY area where the salary costs are totally sky HIGH and the IQ's are LOW, down to the Atlanta HQ area where the salaries are lower, and the quality of IT people available is higher.

They should have left the IT staff in supply chain alone, and let them take over for NJ and lay the staff up there off.

FedEx has a huge advantage over NJ Corporate IS.


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<< micro-management>>

There is no more micro-management at IS. It's been renamed by "Honey I Shrunk Myself" to "hands on management". Now that oughta make a difference!

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Like the wind....

We should have left the SCS IT staff alone....that way we could have written off SCS last year and not be worrying about it now. Your butts were bailed out by NJ IS more times than I can count.


ups sucker

how can you say ATL I.S. is better then NJ?!? you obviously must work in some area in ATL & think your fantastic. I've been working in I.S. NJ for over 5 years now and believe me no group up here is perfect but we are far and above ALOT of the ATL I.S. groups. no supervisor has a clue about any procedures when they're hot site, people can't & don't follow step by step documentation. again, i know not everyone here in NJ is the greatest and alot should retire but clean out your backyard first before picking on a neighbor