Nascar/CART Fontana

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    Just a historic link. This record still stands. Listen to the car at 2:35-2:55. Unreal. Think DJ could handle this? Not sure if he would be thin enough to get into the tub. lol. Peace out.:happy-very:

    2000 CART Fontana - Gil de Ferran's Closed Course Record
  2. Dutch Dawg

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    Who's DJ? Oh the guy that used to drive a UPS sponsored Sprint Cup Car. If we're gonna go there, do you think Mario could still get into one of those..?

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    Mario is almost 20 something odd years older and yes, he ran practice laps at full speed at Indianapolis a few years ago. If you've ever met him, he keeps himself in shape.
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    Love it. Sounded like a jet flyby.
  5. govols019

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    He was going so fast the fenders flew off.
  6. rod

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    241.428 MPH -- Wow-- good thing he don't work for UPS otherwise they would expect him to do that everyday--even if the track was wet or icy:wink2: