Nascar Changes Qualifying Procedures

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  1. MonavieLeaker

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    "NASCAR is changing its qualifying system for next year.

    Instead of a draw to determine the qualifying order, teams outside the top 35 in the owner points will qualify together at the beginning of the session leaving the top 35 to qualify after. The theory is that track conditions should be the same for teams competing for the eight available starting spots."

    Good call on Nascar's part I say :happy-very:
  2. Brown Dog

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    makes sense, sounds fair
  3. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    A good call would be to drop the Top 35 rule. The fastest 43 get to race...period.
  4. ExupserNaples

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    Thats strange...Nothing on NASCAR.COM yet.
  5. JustTired

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    Makes sense to me. Corporate sponsors will never let that happen though. They want the odds stacked in their favor. It's pretty much like cheating if you ask me.

    What would happen if all cars out of the top 35 posted the fastest qualifying times? Think about it!!

    Nothing is fair when corporate America is involved.

    Now I'll get off of my "Subway Soapbox". OOOOPPPPS!
  6. rod

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    NASCAR blows:sleeping::sleeping::sleeping: Now 410 sprint car racing- thats where the action is. You won't see them finnishing a race "under yellow":clap::taz::clap::taz:
  7. ups79

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    The eight posting faster time would start the race.
  8. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    And if there were 10 not in the Top 35 then 2 would go home. That's crap.

    Making qualifying a 2-day event so if someone has trouble the first day they get a second chance. You're not one of the fastest 43 after two days then you pack it up and go home.
  9. hydro

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    Lower the bar to 27, that is a step in the right direction! If you look at the stats , this is where the sweet spot has been for the marginal speed times. But thats just me.
  10. MonavieLeaker

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    I say the Top 23 get a guaranteed starting spot....the rest of the field from 24th on down have a heat race similar to daytona's gatorade duels determine spots 24-43 with the highest finishing former champ getting the champ provisional
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