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  1. Idrive2

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    Any truth to the rumor that Kasey Kahne will drive the number 43 car next year in place of Dale Jarrett?
  2. pasfailure

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    43 Car ? Please explain
  3. over9five

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    How can we get Jimmie Johnson????
  4. Idrive2

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    Dammit..I meant 88...Who drives 43 anyway?
  5. toonertoo

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    I want elliott sadler, or carl edwards, UH the 43, bobby labonte
  6. rushfan

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    Anyone will be better than Jarrett. He doesn't live up to the hype. I'd like to see Elliott Sadler. How about Hamlin winning last weekend.
  7. Leftinbuilding

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    I am a very casual NASCAR fan so there's a lot I don't know. How does a team go about getting a certain driver? Do they have to wait until a driver comes up as a "free agent"? I hope UPS gets a young gun and not some hasbeen. I do think Jarretts off-the-track promos (race the truck) have been good, but you got to win sometime.
  8. Dutch Dawg

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    Either that or the driver seeks permission from his current team owner to enter into talks with someone else. Most proven drivers are commited to mulit-year team contracts. Untill recently many drivers chose to remain with the same owner thru multiple contracts, due in part to a sense of loyality. Nascar fans are now witnessing a NEW transitional owner/driver period where the trend is for the driver to acquire a "sports agent aka leacherous* lawyer)" and seek the biggest monetary contract any owner will enable. Time will only tell....I suspect a result will be a future fan/driver loyality that becomes as weak as owner/driver loyality appears to be headed.

    Robert Yates/ Dale Jarret have been good to UPS with regard to brand/service recognition. However neither Robert Yates Racing nor Dale Jarret possess the ability to place the UPS logo within the winner's circle consistantly (that's being kind IMHO).

    If UPS were actually interested in backing a winning team, they would shed themselves of both Yates and Jarret.

    ...I believe many NASCAR fans actually stood around the water cooler Monday talking about Hamlin's FedX victory at Pocono last weekend and equating FedX with being a winning service provider based on that victory. We can argue for days about this, but that victory did indeed generate business this week for FedX.
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  9. moreluck

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    UPS is talking to Casey Kahne & Greg Biffle.........they are not staying with Jarrett

  10. FEDEX winning a NASCAR race resulting new business? Hardly, maybe more exposure for the company as a whole. Don't know if sales can say ...look...........we won last weeks race, give me your outbound now.
  11. disneyworld

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    Jarrett has already said he is driving a Toyota next year. Will UPS stay as a sponsor since they jumped on the Olympic bandwagon again?
  12. scratch

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    Domino's Pizza and Burger King will split sponsership on the Micheal Waltrip Racing Toyota #00 car. Waltrip himself will drive the #55 NAPA sponsered car, with Dale Jarrett possibly driving #00.