National Right o Work Committee

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    Don't know how true, havent researched it past seeing this article, but below is an excerpt.

    "Yet, on Monday, a jury in Helena heard the opening arguments in a case against Montana state Sen. Art Wittich, who stands accused of accepting thousands of dollars worth of campaign support from the Committee. The case against Wittich, and the detailed glimpse into the Committee’s operations, is all thanks to a box of documents first discovered in a Colorado meth house in 2011.

    The box was eventually sent to Montana’s commissioner of political practices. In it were records showing the National Right to Work Committee had provided tens of thousands of dollars worth of support to anti-union candidates for Montana’s state senate. The documents, and emails unearthed since the boxes were discovered, show the Committee’s operatives provided websites, voter databases, fliers, surveys, and more to Wittich and other anti-union candidates. The Committee launched similar initiatives in Iowa and Indiana.

    Last year, Wittich introduced a bill to make Montana a right-to-work state. It drew no support."
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    I think this is everyday politics on both sides of the aisle.