NEED 22.3 bidding advice/facts!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by 22/3 mom, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. 22/3 mom

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    I currently have a 22.3 position that I have been in for 1 1/2 years. There is another one about to go up for bid with better hours. No one at my center seems to know if this newly created 22.3 position should be offered to a part-timer first or a 22.3.

    Our local writer to the national master states for newly created jobs "A. Part-time employees will be offered newly created Article 22.3/40 combination jobs in accordance with article 3 section 1(B) of the Sort Addendum. Employees who are awarded these jobs will remain on the list to maintain their eligibility for the purpose of filling other full-time opportunities using their part-time seniority date."

    Does anyone here know who it should be offered to first?
  2. RockyRogue

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    My understanding is it should be offered to the full-timer first. When 22.3 jobs are posted here there are two sheets--one for existing full-timers to sign and another for part-timers. This is coming from Denver, Colorado, by the way. -Rocky
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    When new combo jobs are posted in my building one sheet goes up for everyone to sign, but current 22.3 combos specify they are combo by putting "combo" next to their name. A current fulltime combo always gets first dibs on any other fulltime combo jobs put up for bid regardless of whether the job is new or is filling a vacated position.
  4. VTBrown

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    All new 22.3 jobs go to Part Timers first.
    Full Timers can bid on them at the yearly rebid.

    It's all in the contract.
  5. WHat parts of the country have this "yearly re-bid" for 22.3 jobs? Here in Ohio there is no such system and no mention of it in the contract. Once someone bids and is awarded a 22.3 job they have that job for good. WHy would they rebid it every year ??
  6. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Newly created 22.3? What happened to the ones that were "frozen" two months ago? And what happened to the driving positions that were frozen too? Many people here are getting frustrated because all of the new jobs we were supposed to have added a few months ago are still frozen and there still is no explanation from the management or the union. Only rumors.

    It was explained to us (we are in the Southern Region) that Full-timers get first crack at a newly created 22.3 and if none take it then the job will be filled from the part-time pool bid for part-time to full-time list.
  7. brett636

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    No, "re bid" for 22.3 jobs here. Once you have it its yours until you leave it.
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    In my building in Nor Cal we are having this issue now about FT time switching jobs before a PT can bid. The company and local have always honored FT first. Some PT's who are having thier jobs made in to 22.3 are saying they should get first bid. It is unfair that they are losing thier jobs( some have been doing the same job for 15+ years, but that is UPS IE for you) and are getting forced out, but all of them could have gone FT before this wave of jobs .
    I tell everyone to take a 22.3 job, because you can alway take another job later and if you want to go driving the 22.3 FT senority counts towards driving time (in our local, is this the same everywhere else?)
  9. hockey717

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    i have a friend on workers comp has permanent restrictions can he bid on current 22.3 jobs
  10. Just Lurking

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    National language states that once you have completed 22.3 progression and move into FT driving that you go full scale after 6 months.
  11. Maddie1

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  12. Maddie1

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    In our bldg. in Mcallen TX, New Art. 22 positions are first offered to the Art.22. Second it is offered to the full time package drivers. If the drivers don't want it then it goes to the part-timers. Remember everything is by seniority. Art.22 have higher seniority in this job classification. Also part timers have to sign a part time to full time pool bid. Make sure to read your contract handbook under the art. 22 and full-time drivers tranferring to an inside job. Art. 22 have first choice. Do not get discourage and make sure you sign the bid sheets for your current art 22 position if it is posted and also the one you want. Our seniority date changes when we transfer to full time status.
  13. cast

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    Why would you want better hours?
  14. HazMatMan

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    Ok, this is what I need explained to me. To my understanding, 22.3 jobs were created to make part-timers into full-timers, I believe 10,000 new jobs a year per year for each year of the contract. If full-timers get first dibs to bid on a 22.3 job and enough of them take them, then what happens to all those part-timers on the 22.3 list who want to be full-time?? In my area no full-timer has taken a 22.3 job that I know of. Is it different all over the country?? I thought the language for 22.3 jobs would be the same throughout the country, part-time to full-time..:confused:1
  15. RockyRogue

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    I know a guy in my hub that was a full-time package car driver and bid on a 22.3 job. He loves it. He told me once, "I bid and won this 22.3 job four years ago. I've been on vacation ever since." We've never discussed the pay progression--its really none of my business AND I'm not interested in full-time employment with UPS--so I can't speak to that. -Rocky
  16. RedThunder

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    I was a FT pkg driver that bid into a 22.3 job(really is like a vacation). Here it's offered to FT people first and then to part timers based on your seniority. It's treated just like any other classification feeders, package, etc..

    My job is bid every year but since i'm the only person in this classification i'm the only one eligible to bid on it. For instance, if UPS added a second 22.3 position in my center then another person could bid on that new job. The next year both jobs would be bid and the person with the most seniority would get to choose the 22.3 the he or she wanted.

    Another example i was on the feeder qualified list in my center from '98 until 07'. There were two junior employees driving feeders. I however had to wait until there was a permanent opening before i could bid into the feeder classification. Then i could have used all my seniority at the next bid and selected a route before them. It never happened so i took the 22.3 job when it became available.

    I don't see any reason that you shouldn't be able to bid on this route first since you are already full time.
  17. lilyky

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    does any one know what top pay is for 22.3 job
  18. MR_Vengeance

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    you get 2 different rates, one for loading/unload and the second for air driving. The first is based on your loading/unload years with the company. Air driving top rate is like $23.50 something........
  19. lilyky

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    i bid a 22.3 job in 2006 qualify in april of 2006. scheduled to top out of april 2008. what will top rate be with the new contract, or will i still be 2002-2008 contract pay rate? did the new contract change the 22.3 combo jobs? can they be reduced or eleminated or does even effect 22.3 jobs that were bid in the old contract
  20. dirty moose

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    It becomes a trickle down effect.
    Say i leave my package car position for a combo position, maybe the part timer will go driving instead of going into a combo.
    If a full timer take another full time position, his full time spot opens up where ever that may be, until it finally get filled by a part timer.

    But i really think the 22.3 jobs go to part timers first, With that yearly re bid clause.

    Hope this helps!