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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by inmt, Nov 9, 2007.

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    I've had two serious injuries to my back now and am seriously thinking about trying to look elsewhere since the chances of a reinjury are getting high.(I'm a driver) I am currently off work and on work comp. When i am "fully"healed, then i am not wanting to really go back to work at all. Do i have to work 2 weeks? Should i tell my supervisors of my plans right now or wait? I would appreciate any and all suggestions/ experiences. Another thing i am a little concerned about is if since it might be during peak, is there anything that says you would somehow be punished (like not getting vacation pay that is still owed you), if you would quit during peak.

    thanks for your help.
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    Check your contract!

    Here, if you work a couple days into the new year, you get all your vacation pay for next year.

    Can you make it through peak? Take it really easy?

    Talk to your BA BEFORE you talk to UPS about this!!
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    .....what ever happened to 156 reports required to earn vacation for the following year?
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    First of all I don't see how you can go back to work if you're not 100%.Did you check your auto insurance to see if you're covered while out of work.My State farm auto insurance has pip(personal injury insurance)and you are covered for $1000 a month and up to $4000 if you pay for extra coverage.Because you got injured working on a comercial vehicle lifting,you should be covered.Your vacation shouldn't be affected,you earned your vacation from working the year before.I would talk to your union steward or BA if your not satisfied.Your BA should be able to go over your supervisors head and talk to the HR people,or a manager,hopefully eliminating any recourse your supervisor might have in mind. good luck!
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    why quit? bid into feeder or get a 22 combo job.
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    I encourage ANYONE considering leaving UPS to look. It doesn't matter if its because of injuries, boredom or frustration. There truly is life on the other side of that fence. I'm living it right now! While I miss some of the people, I haven't had 'withdrawal' symptoms from quitting. If you're talking about it, your subconscious might be getting through to your conscious thought. Chances are, you know the decision you'll make. GOOD LUCK!!! -Rocky
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    I already have 2 weeks on my paycheck stub, as well as my 4 personals. I wouldnt get more vacation time until my seniority date and that too far away. What are you all referring to as "BA"? I've never heard of that, and we don't have much union connection at our center either. Should I call the union? what should i ask them?

    Does anyone know the correct procedure to go through if I do decide to quit? ie, 2 weeks notice, etc. is there some paperwork?

    There really is a strange pull to keep one from trying to quit this job. It really is interesting. maybe it's the good money and benefits, but i generally am not swayed by that sort of thing. it goes to show that $$$ does have some kind of control.
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    you have 2 serious injuries and you haven't made seniority yet??? tell the center manager you wanna quit and give them your 2 weeks.........
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    i do have seniority, i've worked several years. i forgot to put in that i had 2 weeks of vacation left on my pay check stub.