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    Hi all, need comments from Ex Fed'ers from 90's that delivery people did not ask for id's and verify signatures in the 90's.

    This is for a residency case. Really interesting matter. Anyway, State alleges client still resident of CA because a fed ex was received at his old address.

    We are trying to demonstrate that Fed Ex delivered to the ADDRESS and would give the package to anyone over 18 and did not check licenses. In short, client was not in CA but package could still be delivered to the former address.

    Believe it or not Fed Ex legal was very helpful and wrote a truthful and helpful letter about terms of carriage. The only thing we need are comments relating to the practical delivery practices.


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    You're asking people on a forum that work for a competitor about possiable legal ramifications towards said competitor, possiably costing that company financial/legality problems, from people with screen names such as Hoaxster. Remind me not to use your legal firm for anything higher than a speeding ticket.
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    Fuqk your lawsuit.
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    There is a FedEx sub-forum here. This seems like a thread more suited for there, and they may be more helpful.
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    And "brownies"? Really?

    We only wear the sash on Thursday nights...wait....
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    The OP already tried the FedEx sub-forum. No one is willing to stick their neck out. He was directed over here, hoping for a former FedExer, who is currently a UPSer.
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    since you're here,

    would like to talk with you about setting up a class action suit for those allergic to cardboard :raspberry: