need help with diad iv


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Hi Guys, I'm new to ups in the uk. I need help closing the diad, I've done the training but feel stupid asking all the time, any suggestions wold be appreciated.


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From the menu go to Time Card and use the F5 key that says punchout. It basically walks you through what needs to be done until it finally says "Do you want to punch out?" If you are stuck Big Arrow Up and the Escape/friend key are your friends and start over with the F5 punchout key until you satisfy what needs to be done.


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All of our newhires(me included waay back when) get help from coworkers
apparently punching in and out and various functions of our jobs are not trained You sorta aquire the knowledge...

I just recently found the spl count option for Over 70s... gee you think management would want you to know that one, as it helps their numbers too.