Need info on feeder driver position please.

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    Just signed up for this like a great place to find the answers to the questions I have. I realize I may most likely repeat what might have already been asked somewhere in here previously, but my situation is a little different as well, so it may be a new question with some old as well as some new answers.

    I currently drive for a great, stable company, otr, working 6 days on, 3 days home. I am on track to make $78,000 this year. I don't think there is much more room for any substantial increase in the future, aside from the yearly mileage increase. That's decent money, and I really can't afford to make any less. My health ins, for family, is $500/mo ($1, 000 deductible/year, great ins! ). I get a quarterly safety bonus of about $600. I have a million dollar life ins policy on me, 100k on wife, and 10k for each of our 4 kids (God forbid I ever needed those policies) at a cost of about $150/mo. Other bennies include short term and long term disability and stuff like full pay for jury duty AND we can keep what the court gives us. I have a spotless record, not even a parking ticket ever, and never an accident, even a no fault one. I have doubles and HazMat. I do love the job, they treat us like gold, great equipment etc., no touch anything, they even fuel our tractors for us at the facility. That's a basic overview of my current employment situation, so you have as much of a foundation as possible to answer my questions.

    I find myself in a situation at home that would benefit me being home every day. Nothing that would mean I'm up all day and not getting enough sleep, but I'll leave it at that. I applied for a feeder driver position. I have an interview near the end of this month. I cannot seem to find any credible information online that adequately describes this job, pay, benefits, whether drivers are overall happy or miserable, if new drivers are screwed out of what existing drivers get and how badly, etc. Now I CAN, and WILL stay where I am if I do not find anything else that would be worth the switch, I can't take a pay cut, nor would I want to be unhappy in my work. Based on what I described in my opening statement, would anyone honestly advise me to accept this job if offered? Would it be a pay cut or an increase? Health ins cost? Life is similar to what I have now? And can anyone tell me about the job and pay/benefits for a new driver? Any help, info, input, advice and experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.
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    Benefit package at ups is better then what you have. Feeders can make 100k hours of operation since you would be low seniority probably working 8pm to 8am. Life insurance I believe can be bought through our union. Job security is the key for me..pretty much untouchable less ya really f good retirement and other far as work place happiness..depends on feeder supervisor most seen cool
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    • You would have to weather a pay cut for about the first 3-4 years. Top rate after 4 years, somewhere over $36/hr by then.
    • No premiums for health insurance, short & long term disability. Jury duty & funeral leave pay. Paid vacation time (but weeks off are bid by seniority-may not get any time off in summer because of this). Life & additional disability insurance should be available (out of pocket) through company & union.
    • monthly Union dues- based on your pay rate & the Local's Bylaws, but probably <$100. Plus an initiation fee (varies widely).
    • Retirement: contributions to a pension fund for you, a 401k plan with no matching contribution.
    • Edit: Paid holidays, at least 8. Most areas get premium pay on top of that if you have to work.
    • Edit: 1.5x pay after 8 hrs/day, not just after 40/wk.
    The work itself could be:
    • Customer pickup runs or delivering an MT trailer and picking up a customer's load.
    • Shuttling to & from railyards, or airport.
    • Spotting trailers, usually with a 2 axle daycab or a terminal tractor ("Ottawa").
    • Road runs, home daily. Some runs paid by mileage, some hourly.
    • Team driving. This is where the company is expanding operations. Sounds like you don't want this, hope that's not what they're taking applications for.
    • With the exception of teams, 5 consecutive day workweek.
    Since you would be at the bottom seniority wise, your start time & job assignments would vary from week to week.
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  4. Johney

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    Stay where you are, seriously. That sounds like a good job and you most likely will be hired as a feeder seasonal(no guarantees of being hired permanently). If you do get on you will be at the bottom of the barrel. Personally, I think you'd be foolish to leave where you are now.
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  5. fres431

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    In my local feeders start top pay
  6. Jim1966

    Jim1966 New Member

    Thank you to everyone who replied so far, keep 'em coming.
  7. Mr Shifter

    Mr Shifter Active Member

    Stay where you are. We are treated like theives.
  8. superballs63

    superballs63 Well-Known Troll Troll

    After you would reach top pay, you would easily make over $80k, but ike everyone else said, you'll start at the bottom and have no guarantee of anything.

    In my hub we are all treated pretty well. So many smiling faces, and joking around with sup's daily. Polar opposite of being in delivery.

    Good luck with your decision.
  9. jetcat

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    From what you have described about your current position, honestly I think I would keep what you have now. Starting from the bottom in Feeder is ... well .... life at the bottom. You will stay at the bottom for quite a while ( like years most likely ) ...... you would end up with the most weird hours and schedule you could imagine ( only it would be worse than you can imagine ).

    UPS is a certain mentality .... very hard to try and explain, but it is not like what it may seem from the outside looking in. Not at all. I did "package" for about 23 years .... then I moved on into Feeder ..... the difference is night and day. However ..... I had to go back to the bottom with my seniority when I transferred into the Feeder Dept .... and it really sucked. But I was so freaking sick of "package" that it did not matter ... i went in to Feeder with my "eyes wide open". The worst day in Feeder could never be compared to the best day in Package .... if you know what I mean. The thing is, I knew where I had came from. That is what kept me going and staying in Feeder until
  10. JJ New world

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    When does the work pick up? Have they hired more drivers then retired compared to work volume?
  11. lorenzo castro

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    Find out what pay rate you are getting one driver (full time ) got a pay cut at my center of about 10.00

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  12. superballs63

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    Usually on Thursdays, and yes
  13. MoarTape

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    What supplement are you under? I'm curious as to what it says about the seniority aspect. Our package guys keep their seniority when going to feeders. Good for them, bad for the guys that just keep getting bumped further and further down the list.
  14. retiredTxfeeder

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    Maybe it's different where you are, but down south when you go into feeders, your seniority starts over. You *do* keep your original seniority date as far how many vacations you get, tho. You think feeder drivers are going to agree to a long time package driver to come into feeders and go ahead of them in seniority and get a better job when they don't know anything about feeders? I went from #2 in my center to #75 or so when I came to feeders. I retired at #15.
  15. MoarTape

    MoarTape Active Member

    Happens all the time in my local and we're all sick of it. Guys bid back into the building because they can never get anywhere. It's not uncommon to spend 10 - 15 years on the extra board.
  16. Orion Syndicate

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    I went from #62 in package to #66 in feeders! I hit the jackpot with this hiring spree, lotta old timers coming up after me because they were scared to sign the list that I get to call "rook"!

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  17. PT Car Washer

    PT Car Washer Well-Known Member

    In my building package car drivers who bid into Feeders dovetail their seniority. That is what seniority is all about.
  18. jetcat

    jetcat New Member

    I am out on the west coast and when I went from package to feeder I had 22 years seniority, but when I got into feeder I was back to the bottom for vacations, route assignments, etc. etc. ......

    Back to the original topic posted by Jim1966 .... if it was me and I was you, I would just keep the job you have now, cuz I do not think you are going to be happy being in the Feeder Dept and starting at ground zero .... meaning that you will have the most weird hours and schedule you could imagine ( worse than you can imagine and for a very long time ) Also, UPS is a certain mentality ... this is not evident to those who are looking in from the outside. Dealing with Management at UPS would probably not be anything like what you may have known up to this point in your working life .... but all of us UPS people who started out at entry-level positions and worked our way up know exactly what I am talking about ...... management people have been given tools that allow them to micro-manage every aspect of your life while you are on the clock. It is insane. One of their most common Psy-Ops ( as I call it ) is to make you feel as if you might be a person who is stealing time from the company ... regardless of the fact you may look, sound, act, live like a salt-of-the-earth type of person. This is why one of the guys above said something to the effect of " ... they treat you like you are a thief ..."

    Having said all of this, it is not like every single management person is evil .... but having those people in your life creates a certain mentality we all have to deal with in the company every single day ... like I said ... if you are looking in from the outside, it would not be obvious.

    I could go on and on .... the point is .... seriously ... the feeder guys at the top of the pile do have some really good lifestyle going on, but they earned it and it took years .... and years ... and years ...... you are asking if we think it would be worth it to jump ship from where you are now ( sounds like you have an above average driving job) ... me personally .... ummmmm ..... I would stay where you are.

    To make a decision like this, you really need to have your eyes wide open, so it was very clever of you to find this blog and ask us guys what we think .....

    I am retired now .... some parts of the ride were great ... some parts of the ride were a nightmare .... I am glad to be in a different phase of life now ... and to all you guys who are still working .... I would strongly advise you to save more $$ than you are now, cuz you will need it ( yes, even to those of you who are very disciplined and good savers ) Jim1966, I hope everything works out for you ... be well .... and best of luck to you.
  19. UPS4Life

    UPS4Life Active Member

    It's funny I hear similar stories to this all the time but apparently we're not treated bad enough because you and every other person complaining is still here

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  20. UPS4Life

    UPS4Life Active Member

    What state are you in? If you were going Into my building the guys hired last year have almost 30 some drivers behind them already. I was the bottom guy at one time even on call. It sucks but you make the best of it and sooner or later people follow in behind you. You won't start out making $70+k a year until you go top rate but you should be able to manage at least 50 during progression. Like everyone said though it's probably going to be anywhere from 3pm-10pm start times working 10-12 hours with a max of 14 and in 10 hours you'll be back punching in again.

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