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    1. I HAVE A REAL BIG ISSUE..Well i been working at ups for almost 10 years now as a drive . These last 3 years have been hell. Ok 2008 they put me on an over load 200 stops in a I driver released a pkg on the back porch under the steps. So the customer called ups and said they did not get the pkg. The manager goes out to the house to to the customer. I get a message on the diad to meet him there. The first thing the manager asked me was did i steal the box. I was already mad about the 200 stops in a 500..NO!! i did not steal the pkg. It was going on for about 10 min..arguing back and forth with the manager. Finally the customer found the pkg were i put it. 2. A similar incident happened in 2009-2010. 3. End of 2010. So i get called into the office one morning. I am being accused of saying inappropriate remarks and yelling at the top of my lungs to the two workers at a loading dock. Also that i called them cheap like prime ham. I told them no way this has to be some kind of joke. "we can call them because i have their number". Reply was "no no no we will do an investigation an if we find out your lying were going to fire you". So the next day i go to the stop and tell the customer about the accusations. They could not believe it. The 2 workers ask me for the buildings number. they called the manager and said" this is the best driver had in over 25 years. He would never say anything like that to us. I don`t think that would come out of his mouth on his worst day". So the next day i get called into the this point i`m already stressed out about everything. Come to find out the complaint was from a different location. No apology was ever given. 4. 2011. On my route only about 85% of the people actually sign their name were u can see it. Now i`m getting accused of signing for pkgs. Most of the customers on my route scribal the Diad. I been out of work for over a month with bills on my back, tremendous stress because of this. The union don`t do much. They tell me they're doing an investigation on this. In the mean time i`m doing my own investigation. I have on audio of two of the drivers that are currently doing my route, confessing that majority of the people scribal. I have copies of signatures that one of the drivers sent me. I have copies of certified mail from the postman on my route. I feel this issue has gone way to far, I feel discriminated against. I feel like i have to prove myself over and over again.
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    One thing I can tell you is to learn from their threats and accusations and adjust your work methods to take away their ability to to use that threat again.
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    Wow, Does your building have telematic,or google earth map, I've been in the office with drivers that said they left the package by the door, do know know they proved the the customer was lying, they had a picture of google earth, with the driver leaving the package at the front door. Same with telematics they track you every step of the way, ask the union for those records, it could help you. GOODLUCK I hope it works out for you..
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    it does have telematics...i points where i placed the box at to the customer.
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    You don't need telematics for this the DIAD does all the GPS.
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    He said that he DR'd pkg at the rear door under the steps. If he did not write that on the info notice I am not surprised that the consignee couldn't find it. He then says that he got in to an argument with the center manager at the consignee's house which lasted 10 minutes--I hope that they did not argue in front of the consignee.

    Fast forward to 2010 and the rude hourly. Yelling at workers on a loading dock. Rallies support from said workers only to find out he yelled at workers at a different dock. Wants apology--none forthcoming.

    Finally we have "signing for packages" in 2011. You try to rationalize this by saying that 85% of your customers scribble on the DIAD. All customers look like kindergartener's when they sign the DIAD but this is no excuse for you or any of us to sign for their packages. Did any packages come up missing? Were there DFU's with denial of signature? Were there concerns from customers saying that you were signing for their packages? The audio of the other drivers and the copies of signatures are worthless if any of the above did happen.

    You mentioned certified letters--would these be letters from UPS pertaining to discipline you received? Would this be why you are on an extended unpaid vacation?

    To be blunt, from what I have read here, you brought all of this upon yourself. The reason you have to prove yourself again and again is you keep messing up again and again. I am afraid that your unpaid vacation may become a permanent one. Learn from this and move forward.
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    What can i do to get to the bottom of this??
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    Perfectly said.
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    Sorry to post this twice but Train Wreck.
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    Wow, just wow.

    1. I don't see where he mentioned an info notice being left, or not, but if a manager is accusing you of theft I would hope you would stand up for yourself regardless of who is around. No one questions my integrity without getting all guns blazing.

    2. It seems to me that Dave is assuming that he yelled at customers at another location, when if you read it he is alluding to a different driver being responsible altogether.

    3. In regard to the scribbling, he's not rationalizing he's stating what is occurring. Customers are not signing a legible signature and he is being accused of 'scribbling" to get away with it. What he is guilty of is not insisting that the customer sign with a legible signature. Good move documenting that illegible signatures are common on this route, as it would be easy to compare them to the ones in question. Again, the certified mail he is referring to is the green signature cards that the postman on his route has collected from customers.

    4. To be blunt, he suffers from "run and gun" syndrome and it's causing his issues, not dishonesty or being a rude driver. 200 stops in a P500 would put me into "14 hour mode" and I pace myself to make that time. The OP obviously has to learn this. Shame on you Dave for turning against your Union brother so easily.
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    Like crowbar has said this driver is a "runner and a gunner" if I had 200 stops without a helper I 'd be calling in over 12 before I left the building and I would make sure I took my full lunch and all the breaks I get (2).

    I'm trying to figure out why a driver would put a package under the back porch. If the neighborhood is that bad leave a delivery notice Ni1. I don't play hide and seek with my customers.

    I'm sure there is a lot more to this story that we haven't heard. This driver has been with UPS for almost 10 years and still hasn't figured out that the people in trouble the most are the ones that can't and won't follow instructions and methods. If the driver just worked as instructed and minded his own business he wouldn't be on managements radar.
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    Depends on what type of area you are delivering. If it's mostly tight with the min businesses compared to the avg route, could easily be an 8-10 hour day.
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    No matter what area 200 stops they are going to be sending me help if I don't have a helper.
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    We have a couple resi routes that get 180-200 stops a day, highest seniority routes and they are in by 7:30 every day. Most of those sections are like 20-30 sph, limited businesses and sporadic pu's
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    If the route where less then 10 business no pick ups and the house calls where all DR's I could see it.
  16. UnsurePost

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    uppity suburb areas close to the city, where you don't get much of a lot but the houses are extremely expensive due to location. You can knock off literally 40-50 an hour and a half, 2-4 per park position.

    There are probably not too many in W MA, either you are in the town or city or rural.

    Think "Rush - Subdivisions" ;D
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    I do a couple of splits routs sometimes all house calls (DR in good areas ) usually no air that I can do almost 200 stops if the package count is low and I can move around in the back of the car morning to sort my stops.
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    sounds like you have really poor leadership