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    Hey All, Steve here,

    I've been working for UPS now as a pre-loader since mid November 2013. So, I suppose I am still new to everything and I need to know about my job position and what I am entitled to as a UPS employee. My situation that I am in is currently very concerning and was looking for help from anyone. To give you a little bit of background info., after working "peak" season my FT supervisor had approached me with keeping me in the facility as a part time preloader. I obviously accepted and have been woking ever since. However, from time to time I would be sent home due to "lack of work" and also because the level of seniority I have is pretty much "Low Man on the Totem Pole", so if no one else wants to go home I have to (which I can understand). I had even mentioned it to my shop steward in hopes of getting some more information (which was back in mid March). He had informed me that because I was hired during the "freeze" period (which I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THAT MEANS) that even though I was still hired, technically my thirty days wouldn't have kicked in until the end of the month. We're now in mid April and I am still getting calls/txts from my PT Supervisor that I don't need to come in and that he will see me tomorrow (just got one this morning). WHAT IS GOING ON? I had also mentioned to some of my co-workers about what the deal was and they were a bit puzzled also. Any info, from anyone would be greatly appreciated!

    On a semi-related tangent, I never even received a "welcome package/kit" from UPS as a new employee...I don't even have an employee handbook!! Am I considered a PT employee or not?! Who can I talk to in my facility about this?

    Thanks for reading!


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    Are you a time traveler?
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    If you made book by now, even if they text or call to say don't come in, show up anyway. Once you walk in, you're entitled to your 3.5 hrs for the day. If you stay home, you get nothing. Although i'll admit, i wish my sup would text once in a while and tell me to stay home lol.
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    Since you know what you'll be doing in Nov. 2013, can you give me next weeks Lotto numbers?
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    I assume this is true nationally, and I assume this is generally true, otherwise I hope someone will correct me. If you have passed your 30-day probationary period, you must receive a 24-hour notice of an adjusted start time or not to show up, in the case of some emergency. Otherwise, you are guaranteed 3.5hours of pay per day, given that you show up on time.

    As stated by someone else above, if you are "told" not to show up, and you do not, then you are not guaranteed anything, nor will you get anything. Someone who has been driving in my building showed up today to preload. The girl who has been loading his area for some time now was given the option to go home. She wasn't -told- to, just given the option. She accepted and went home.

    If you show up on time, even when "told" not to come in, you will be given work, and you will be paid for 3.5 hours minimum. Regarding this "freeze" period, I agree with ^. Ask HR, or have your steward explain it to you. I'd personally be interested to hear what that is all about.
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    Hi Steve, I would recommend contacting your Business Agent as the contract varies by region... Base upon where I am, when you were hired back in November you were temporary/seasonal help. However, when they kept you on after the holidays you then became permanent with your seniority date being retroactive to your original hire date back in November. At this point, like you said, you are the low man so when things slow down they can let you know you are not needed the next day. However, they must let you know the day prior and before the shift ends. If they don't notify this way, then you are entitled to work and should show up and work your 3.5 hours. Once you are at work, they cannot send you home, they can only ask you to go home. If they are ordering you to go home, you need to go home, but you need to let them know as well as your steward know that it is against your will and that you want to file a grievance on it.
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    Haha. Derrrrrr. 2012 now I'm wishing I could go back in time and fix that. Lol
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    Thanks for all the advice. Will keep everyone posted. Planning on talking to who I need to tomorrow morning.
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    While you are guarenteed 3.5 hours per shift that does not mean they will automatically try to find work for you if they need to cut people and nobody wants to go home. You need to tell them you want the work.

    When there is extremely low volume on the night sort at my hub, they sometimes call break as late as possible and try to get the primary down before break. About half the shift ends up with less than 3 hours. A lot of people don't care about the guarantee and just go home but there are some who do want to stay. Management has said that there is no more work and to just go home. We got the steward involved and they ended up doing wraps for the last half hour.

    The 4th of July falls on a Thursday this year so Friday will be one of those extremely light nights and I am pretty sure they will try this tactic.