Need old timers to answer this question for me.

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  1. Jkloc420

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    I been at ups since 2001. Was there ever a time that part timers and full timers had a separate contract. If not do you ever think there will ever be a time that part timers break away from full timers and do their own contracts.
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    I will say that you guys as a group could dictate the terms of our next contract if you bothered to vote.
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    Never heard of separate contracts but years ago the part timers earned the same wages as a driver did. There were just two gals who were part-time who retired at my old center not long ago. One was a clerk and one was a porter. They both made $34 an hour and had 7 weeks vacation because they fell under the old contracts. UPS was glad to see them finally go. Those glory days are over and it will only get worse by what I read on here with people not caring about having a strong Union.
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  4. Jkloc420

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    I voted twice and I know others that voted both times. Only to have it forced down our throats anyways.
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    We have a couple ladies and a few guys at my center from the 80's who make great money as part timers!
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    There is more language in the contract for part timers than any full timer. Problem is most part timers will not join the union there fore have no vote. Part timers out number full timers by far but most are not interested in the contract or their rights in the contract.