Need payroll info for Roswell, GA

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  1. TempRoswellGA

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    I worked for five days Christmas season as a Driver's Helper and never got paid. (Had a great time btw) Does anyone have a phone number for the Rosewell Ga location that I can call and find my paycheck? They did manage to mail my W-2 form to my address, but not my check:)

    For the record; I didn't quit. They never called me back. It seems I was required to RUN, not walk up all those long driveways. I did my best; I'm 5.3 and athletic, but was unprepared to run carrying all that weight. Blew out a knee in just five days. I paid to have it fixed.

    Oh, and then there is the Depends story; but I'll save that one:)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. MonavieLeaker

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    No clue on the phone #...But please share the depends story:happy-very:
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Just curious, why did you wait so long?
  4. TempRoswellGA

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    Have you ever put money into a savings account because you didn't need it? That was the case here; now I need it; and I can't find a phone number....
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    I have a feeling that you may be out of luck because you waited so long.

    Why don't you just go back to the center that you worked out of and talk to them? That would be my first step--although it never would have gotten to this point as I would have had a check in my hand long before now.

    I'm sorry that you found out the hard way that this job is actually work.
  6. TempRoswellGA

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    I will only tell this story because you don't know my name...

    That said, I was a recently divorced stay at home mom (had four kids) and took this job. I'm 5.3 weigh only 115 pounds (not out of shape). The ad said I should be in good physical condition (I was) and able to lift 50 lbs (I can). It didn't say anything about RUNNING up steep driveways. I asked if I could wear a Santa hat and was told no...:(

    The driver I was assigned to insisted that I run. Now, I can walk really fast, but that wasn't good enough. So, I ran. Now, those of you who have had four children or are married to a women who has, understands the trampoline theory of pounding pressure on the bladder going on here....

    Even though I asked him (all of 28) to stop for bathroom breaks; he didn't. I peed my pants for two days. It was awful (he didn't know). He probably just thought I wasn't physically able to run. No, it was my bladder.

    So, I decided that I was too proud to beg a young man to stop to let a 47 year old women pee. So, I stopped on my way home and bought a package of Depends Adult Diapers the night before my next shift. I'm ready now! Yep, that is how important this job was to me at the time.

    So, I get up the next day, put on my new Depends, my brown suit, and head out to the assigned meeting place. Only to find that he didn't want me anymore. I wasn't scheduled.

    So, here I am dressed in my brown suit complete with diapers ready for a day of work. Now what? I head to the nearest gas station to change. But, I paused. Standing there in the rest room I asked myself, what does it really feel like to pee your pants like a baby? (like I felt at the time)

    So, in homage to my 20 year career as a stay-at-home mother and to UPS I peed. I'd say those dang things can hold a lot:)

    Took it off and headed home!

    I use the left over ones for big spills in my kitchen now:)

    Life is full of random moments and this was one. Now, I just "depend" on me.
  7. PassYouBy

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    HOLY CRAP, Thats too funny!!!!!!!:happy2::happy2::happy2::happy2:

    I feel bad for you too, that the driver wouldn't let you go to the bathroom...

    If it had been me and he wouldn't had let me go to the bathroom, the first chance I got to sit in his seat I would have pulled my pants down (If I was a woman) and :censored2: all in his seat! (Thats just rude)!

    BTW, how do those Depends work ( May have to look into some )!
  8. TempRoswellGA

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    I never said I didn't think it was WORK. In fact, it was almost the hardest work I did-other than being a mother and raising my kids. It was not my choice to quit. I loved the physical demands; I felt alive and I enjoyed the brief moments I got to chat with a customer. Also, I have profound respect for all drivers and just how hard their day is-i tell everyone! But, thanks for jumping to conclusions:)
  9. TempRoswellGA

    TempRoswellGA New Member

    Well, I know I'm "not out of luck". It's illegal not to pay a person. But, I will try your suggestion and head back to the location. It's a bit of a drive and I was hoping that someone would have a phone number.

    Thanks! You guys and gals are great!
  10. TempRoswellGA

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    I don't consider it "his fault"; I asked, but at his age I don't think he understood the circumstances and I didn't feel like debasing myself to explain it to him.

    Yes! They work. For the "piddle on the run", they are perfect and comfortable too.

    As for the full release in the bathroom gas station; that was just for the experience:)

    Good Luck! We all are going to get older someday and it doesn't mean we can't still run 5 miles. However, you just might find the older ones by the trail the leave
  11. atatbl

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    If what you are saying is true (which I doubt), you had the most sadistic driver (I hope) on the planet. Who would not stop for a helper to go to the bathroom? What the f*** is wrong with this man (if he exists)?

    I mean no offense by doubting you. But seriously, UPS drivers have a lot to do, we all know this. But who refuses a person's need to urinate? Honestly, if this is true, I hope that driver gets what is coming to him.
  12. TempRoswellGA

    TempRoswellGA New Member

    As a person here who only really wanted a phone number; I have no reason to make this up. As I said; I asked but was not insistent. He had a job to do and a quota to fill and didn't understand and I didn't push it. It was my only my second job in twenty years (I had just returned from a seasonal job in Alaska).

    The bigger problem was the RUNNING (hence the bouncing pressure) on the bladder. In those circumstances your bladder can be half full and you still will have a problem if you have had four children. That is the humorous and humiliating side to the story-the Depends. I had no intentions of making my driver look bad. He just didn't understand and I didn't explain. Call it age age gap issue.

    He was actually a great guy:) Kind of like my own kids....

    Anyway, just take the fun side (I did) and move on. I appreciate all the hard work drivers do. I didn't make this up. Life is funny that can't make up stuff like this.

    Like; I just got back from Alaska working as an Auditor and I mentioned it to him. He offered that his girlfriend worked for a recruiter who might help me find a local accounting job. I asked where and what her name was. Turns out, I just had an appointment with her the day before. No, can't make this stuff up. Small world. Again, I just wanted a local phone number. UPS's website is a bit stingy on that and my truck gets about 10 miles to the gallon:)
  13. PassYouBy

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    Wished I could help you TempRoswellGA. I admire you for stepping up to the plate to try something new too! My wife homeschools my 7 year old son and there is no way I could stay home all day with my son!

    As for the bathroom break, I understand what you are saying. I hope you have luck in getting your money and good luck with your career move too!
  14. TempRoswellGA

    TempRoswellGA New Member

    Thanks! Graduating in May and just got accepted to Law School. ...another three years of starving. Perhaps, we will meet next Christmas season. I still think that they should let the driver's helpers wear a Santa Hat! Tis the season after all...

    Kiss your wife, tell her they do work, and go buy a trampoline!:wink2:
  15. rod

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    Have you considered becoming an astronaut? Seems I remember a story about a lady astronaut and her depends:happy2: Good luck on your pay issue
  16. trickpony1

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    Not to be sarcastic but........
    Isn't Atlanta (our HQ) in Georgia?
    No one on this website has the mailing address to the Ivory Towers in Atlanta?
    I find that hard to believe!

    Postage is relatively cheap compared to the price of gas.

    Just a thought......
  17. Jack4343

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    Corporate's mailing address is...

    55 Glenlake Pkwy.
    Atlanta, GA 30328

    I have no clue on who to address it to? Payroll might not even be in the corporate building. I remember seeing a Texas address on my payroll at one point. The best bet is to drive to the Roswell center and talk directly to the center manager that you worked for.

    Delivered to corporate many times. Locked up like Fort Knox. We park in a service area after we buzz in, identify ourselves and wait for the concrete pylons to disappear into the ground. (which is pretty cool) We then unload on a float and take a manual dumbwaiter to the mailroom. We are not allowed to go anywhere else on property in our browns. Security is tighter there than any other place I've delivered to and my current route delivers to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Homeland Security.
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  18. Roswell Temp: try 770-360-4465,4469,4471. These are Rosga and Marga pkg. office #s.
  19. barnyard

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    I would imagine that you will get a call from the check people fairly soon. A while back, I changed one of the direct deposit amounts and when the change took effect, one of the other deposits cancelled and I got a 'live' check. I didn't know it and never cashed it. 90 days later, I got a letter from payroll asking about the check, if I lost it and if I wanted another. So, it worked out for me.

    Too bad your driver was such a prick. Nothing like making an unpleasant job more so by having a bad attitude.


    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    I'm wondering if "Depends" can be written off as a business expense? Goodbye pee bottle Hello adult diapers!