Need questions answered please! Only serious responses please. Need help!!!

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    I have been working for UPS for 8 years now and ever since I transferred hubs things have gone terribly wrong. Not sure where to start. For 3 months they were shorting me exactly a dollar for my preload and Saturday air wage. Also multiple union dues have been taken out on back to back pay checks. Some of the dues taken out we're more than what they should be. I've had $80.00 taken out the paycheck after my monthly dues were taken out. I haven't received a raise for both wages in over a year and now they told me that they over payed me so they are taking out $50.00 every paycheck for I'm not sure how long. They can't explain or answer any questions I have. I have filed grievances and nothing has been done. I've called my union rep and he just tells me to file a grievance but that isn't working. This has been going on for 6 months and have lost a lot of money with the only explanation of we over payed you. I am at my wits end. Don't know what to do!? I need help and don't know where to get it. Please help with any information. I would greatly appreciate it.
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    If you have exhausted all the union procedures then it sounds like you are free to file with the Dept of Labor.

    Be sure to have all your pay records and a log of phone conversations when contacting the DOL.
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    UNION!!! May not hurt to check with payroll to see what exactly is goin on. Get that $$$ they owe you. You worked hard for it.
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    If you changed locals, you may have to pay initiation fees to your new local.

    So you are saying now that your payrate is correct? and that your grievances are for the 3 months you were paid incorrectly? Did you file the grievance in a timely manner?
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    You really need to either go down to the local or get on the phone with your BA and demand answers/help. I have never had issues with our BA not doing his job by getting back with a member or going to management to confront them with issues that need to be solved. Not to say you're a ranter, but some folks feel things aren't right when they actually are and don't listen to explanation given as to why they are right. When guys like this go off the handle it's hard to reason with them, explaining why they are wrong. I hope you're not that guy.
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    You also need to talk to your center center manager. He or she is ultimately responsible for your pay problems and they should find out why they are happening.
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    Did you withdraw from your the original local you were a member of???

    Like others have said, you need to get with an HR person and then your BA.