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    Ive been working on the Preload for about a year and a half now at my local center. I have decided to transfer and move to a University out of area and will have to quit UPS. I've already notified management that I will be quiting at the end of April, which I figure a month gives them plenty of time to find a subsequent replacement.

    Around October of last year, I dislocated my knee playing basketball and had the acompanying contusion and ligament sprains, etc. Nothing to serious, I was out a week or two, then came back to work. I have been working on it while wearing a brace for the past 6 months with no incident and only minor pain. Outside of work though it has been giving me problems, like giving out when I put torque on it, so I went to an Orthopedic Surgeron to get a diagnosis. It turns out since the original injury, I have torn my ACL and Meniscus and will need surgery to repair it.

    What i guess i need advice on is, How should i go about getting the surgery done? Should I wait until the end of April, after I quit, to have the surgery done? I'm pretty sure there is a month of lag time from when i quit, to when I am dropped from the insurance coverage. That will probably cover the initial surgery and medication, maybe a little physical therapy, but if there is any complications I will be :censored2: out of luck and will probably have to pay for anything else out of pocket.

    Or, should I get the surgery as soon as possible? It seems like a dick move on my part to get the surgery done, then quit right after. Also i was wondering about the disability policy... since I didnt obtain the on-site and have been working on it fine for a while, will I be able to get any disability benefits from UPS? ( I am pretty ignorant on that subject actually so if someone can shed some light on what I could even expect from Disability, I would appreciate it).
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    If you've been around long enough to have your benefits, by all means have the surgery now. I understand and even respect your hesitation to have surgery and then leave, but it will only get worse. If you are currently employed, currently have benefits, and are currently injured, take care of it before you leave. The company gives you benefits as a part of your compensation, to be used as needed. Disability is a state mandated insurance to help cover lost wages from an out of work ailment. Serious illness or injury that happen outside of work are covered. Your post sounds honest and sincere, get the surgery, get better, and good luck in your future endevours.
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    Take, or leave, my old man advice.
    Fix the problem you know you have, as soon as possible.

    Your main objective should be to maintain your health.

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    There are various Health & Welfare Plans that cover UPSers in different regions of the country. You need to determine which one you are under, and read its Summary Plan Description (SPD) which they should have mailed to you. The SPD may also be available on a H & W Fund website. Each plan may have different rules.

    See if your coverage continues after you quit, and if you are entitled to weekly disability checks if you are out while still employed.
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    Those SPD aren't always the easiest to read. Call your benefit fund(your manager will know who your steward is-they can give you the # to the union hall which will give you the number to the benefit fund) and ask them.
    Get surgery ASAP. Don't hesitate. Good luck to you.