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  1. LaUpser

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    ok i am currently not an employee of Ups anymore. i need to get my check for my vaction time what do i need to do to get it i was schedule for vacation for the 3rd week of march but my new job call and i left. so what i have to do to get it. i got my final pay check thursady that just passed.
  2. drewed

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    how long did you work for ups?
  3. evilleace

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    If you were not employed for a year(not counting seasonal time) you have not earned paid vacation yet sorry.
  4. drewed

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    Thats what my thinking was....I think I remember him making threads last summer about wanting to get hired...
  5. LaUpser

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    i was there 2 yrs i had to weeks of vacation time
  6. evilleace

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    Well you need to talk to your hr person or your sup you should have a number for the building and your sup should be able to get you the number for hr so you can see if they will help, good luck.
  7. StopCount

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    I heard that vacation time is prorated...
  8. drewed

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    Whens your anniversary date? Up here we dont get our vaca till then, if youre annivesary date is lets say may your sup may have let you borrow against your time assuming youd be there till then
  9. UnsurePost

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    Here in NE you get paid unused vacation May 1st. Not sure how it is in other regions.
  10. The Other Side

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    Your vacation check should have been paid when you left your employment on a discharge (immediately) or within 2 weeks if you quit.

    They are called "entitlements".

    You need to contact your former hr department and ask them to "run" your entitlements. Then advise them that you need to be "paid off" as your employment ended.

    Your check is NOT pro-rated, and its paid at 1/52 of your last years earnings.

    If you worked for 2 years, you should be entitled to both vacation, and option days "unpaid" as of when you left.

    YOU need to follow up, as the company will not follow up for you.

    The ball is in your court.:wink2: