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    In the CBA we have 25 pages for drug and alcohol problems, testing, what the company does for you as well as what the union does for you. Yet there is 1 (ONE) paragraph about being injured on the job. Does anyone else see a problem with that? I understand the union wants to pretect substance abuse in their people, I have no problem with that. I do have a problem when they make it seem that is more important then a hard working guy gets kicked to the curb because he got injured doing his job. In case you can't tell I am frustrated with this situation. This for all the BA's and union negotiators that view these pages.
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    It's very simple--report all injuries, no matter how minor. Seek medical care if needed. Follow up with your mgt team to let them know what your status is.

    We certainly don't need any more contract language on injuries.
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    I did report it, I did seek medical attention, I did follow up, and it is still a hassle. But its ok to get a DUI on your own time and have your butt kissed (all from your own stupidity) while the injured worker looses his benefits ( health ins., vacations, holidays, and so on.
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    I know I am new to this site, so forgive my not knowing. Do you work for small pak or freight?
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    Package operations.
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    He's the chief know it all officer...a very important job here at brown cafe...
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    Those pages are there because that is the law. In the transportation field, Federal Motor Carrier law that effects employment is reiterated in union contracts. The union doesn't "want to protect substance abuse" but wants an employee to get a chance to correct mistakes without losing their job. Injuries are important, but the advice given by Upstate is accurate. If an injury occurs on the job and is deemed so, greater benefits exist for employees and therefore greater costs on the employer. That's why UPS puts so many roadblocks in the way. I don't know what state you live in but many states that haven't been hijacked by tea baggers have work comp laws that mandate employers continue benefits for bonafide on the job injuries, almost always superior benny's than you'd get for a disability claim. Our work comp pays benny's for a year, vacation accrues, holidays are paid. I must be missing something from your story.
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    We get prorated days as well for the year of the injury, we pay for our health ins. for one year then gets cancelled, we loose our floating holiday and disc. days. This is also for the freight side. For usp freight, basically once you get hurt, your own your own. If you are on the small pak side I understand if you do not need more language, but on the freight side, we do! The law doesn't state that ups must keep a driver after a DUI (on his own time). Knowing you need that lic. to work and still be afforded the opportunity to a non cdl job which accrues your vac. and bene. like nothing ever happened is not right. I know it sounds like i am just complaining, but with us being fairly new to the union it is guys like me that are fighting for the best interest of not only myself, but for future friends and emplyees a like. So I do not think you are actually missing any part of the story, maybe just comparing apples to oranges ( no offense intended) thank you for your insight.
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    How do you get injuries doing feeders? Half smart ass half serious. How long have you been injured. You have to understand they can't keep giving an injured person stuff for free when they aren't contributing anything.
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    Driving Feeders really weakens your lower back muscles so most of us have some sort of degenerative disc disease going on. Getting in and out of the Tractor can be dangerous if you slip or step down into :censored2:. We have a few guys twist or break ankles every year. Fatalities are more commonplace than in Package, and even minor accidents can cause major injuries. The dollies weigh about as much as a small car and while they are counter-weighted they can be difficult to maneuver especially on rough terrain. One small rock will cause them to swing to one side violently. I've had one deck me on a gravel surface so I'll do a dolly-back (dolly attached to front trailer) no matter how long it takes if I have to hook up a set on dirt or move the rear box to a pad if available.

    Most of us have decades of service without ever having to take Comp or LTD so I don't think anyone should have to feel bad when it becomes necessary.
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    I never stated I was a feeder driver. I am still a full time employee. Your right, right now I can not contribute ( not by choice). Ups and my doctors and myself know the end result from my injury. Everyone on here knows that UPS is great at dragging out the procedures on everything they do. In the mean time the seriously injured workers are loosing there butt. They loose money, benefits, nothing getting contributed towards their pensions and many other perks people tend to over look. 17 months, 2 surgeries, 100+ physical therapy appointments and we are still fighting who pays the medical bills. So as far as asking for something for nothing, I don't feel thats the case. I'm quite sure not everyone will agree with that and thats fine. I will let you know how it turns out when the dust settles because I refuse to let things pass by without a fight ( be it thru the union or in court). I think it just last year ups paid millions in a law suit thru the ADA. Shouldn't that say something.
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    I hope to hell you have a w/c attorney.
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    I sure as hell
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    Hijacked by tea baggers? Pleas tell me you are joking. Or at least have a valid excuse for making such a boneheaded comment. Like maybe you inhaled too much synthetic cannabis.
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    This is correct. I'd also lawyer up too. You can get free workmans comp lawyers through the union.
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    "Lawyering up" can wait until the injury is assessed.
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    One liberty mutual does not approve it (which WILL, HAS AND DOES happen) lawyering up is essential to finalizing your claim to have them pay. The last 2 years in our building Lib Mut has denied every claim initially until the court ordered them to pay. So, lawyer up!!
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    This is incorrect Nancy.
    In your typical rush to know it all, you overlooked reality.
    A lawyer can give you valuable advice during the assessment process.
    Advice that could make or break your claim.
    Dont ever believe the company has your best interests at heart when processing an on the job injury.
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    So we all should all have our union lawyer on speed dial? Yeah......I don't think so.

    If you are injured, report the injury as soon as possible and seek medical care if needed. Keep your mgt team notified of your status. If the injury appears to be one that may keep you out of work for an extended period of time you should then contact your union local for their assistance.

    "Lawyering up" for a twisted ankle is stupid and a waste of everyone's time.