New 22.3 jobs not happening?

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    Hello everyone. Here in Georgia, we have been informed that the new 22.3 jobs that were bidded 3 weeks ago are not going to be created. I understand this to be the whole Georgia district. Have any other districts heard anything about this?

    On the one hand, I am very disapointed. Many, many, people were counting on these jobs to either get out of package or were finally going to have a chance to become full-time due to health reasons not qualifying for driving positions. Our hub has never had 22.3 jobs.

    I do not understand how our company can dangle the carrot in front of proven longtime employees and then pull the rug out from under them. For the first time in a very long time I saw our people discouraged rather than mad. You could see the look on their faces. Some looked as if they wanted to give up. It would not have been so bad if the jobs were rumored and not bid. I am still sick to my stomach.
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    Does sick to your stomach qualify you to get workman's comp?
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    "Does sick to your stomach qualify you to get workman's comp?"

    I guess it would seeing it is job-related.
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    I would talk to your Union Steward to find out what happened? The district Labor and IE dept are responsible to define the needs for 22.3 jobs and distribute the jobs within the district where needed.

    The jobs are then reviewed with your local Business Agent and put up for bid.

    A couple reasons that could have prevented the jobs from being implemented are: volume loss, in addition to July and August which are historically low volume levels at UPS.

    Is there a chance the jobs will be implemented at a later date? Or were the positions distributed to another part of your district?
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    This is clearly rumor or speculation, but same thing happened in our hub. Several combo bids were put up, taken down and currently are on hold. Here is the rumor, that the bids were put on hold because of possible upcoming contract settlement. Makes sense in lieu of a possible four year progression clause, whether that applies to combo positions not driving positions we would have to see.

    I do not believe that the jobs were eliminated because of volume loss, that was used as a reason several years ago by the company with the union winning on all accounts.

    All these rumors and possible contract provisions particularly with the four year progressions points to a final resolution to the pension debacle. Consider the number of driving/combo full time openings needed to fill those employees who would be eligible with an 25 or 30 any age pension formula. Again all speculation, guess we just have to wait and see.:wink:
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    It is happening every where. We had some new full-time jobs posted and they were put "on hold" as well. It was a 22.3 job and some full-time driver bids. Our steward told us that it's because of contract negotiations. The rumor here is that UPS didn't like how things were going and froze the jobs nationally just out of spite. So, you can see that the rumor mill is working at full-capicity now. LOL. Since I was supposed to be going full-time as a result of the new bids I've been bugging our sups for an explanation and they all say they don't know what's going on. UPS is playing their classic game of keeping everything secretive. It is frustrating for me and the other guys that were about to move up to full-time and for the driver that was supposed to move into the the 22.3 job. Another "rumor" is that many stewards in the area are filing on the jobs that had already completed their bid periods. I'd like to see what the result of that is.
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    Lets remember most of these jobs have until aug 1st to be placed! The union better not agree to a 4 year progression and we better not vote that garbage in!
  8. I don't think anyone will go for that. Unless they try to sway the part timers with a wage increase...then it could as from what i hear we outnumber you guys. However with this company's track record for part timer treatment...I wouldn't worry about that.
  9. 705red

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    What guarantee do you have as a seniority parttimer that you would get that raise. I just read an article in the tdu paper that ups plans out there steps for 25 years from now, and if you sit back and think about it its true. 82 slash ptimers rate now 07?
  10. GuyinBrown

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    If they want to buy the part time vote, they'll more than likely use a "Bonus" to do it. The majority of the part timers are young, college kids who would jump at the chance to have a fat $500 check in their hands. What they sometimes forget is that after taxes it ends up being closer to $350. Still, it would more than likely be larger than most of the checks they bring home on a weekly basis. Most of them aren't in it for the long haul, so improvements to things like the pension are irrelevant to them.
  11. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I don't think putting the jobs "on hold" has anything to do with 22.3s because like I said...we had full-time driver bids put on hold as well. I don't think it has anything to do with the four year progression that UPS wants because that would mean that they want to "hold" the jobs that were up for bid until after the new contract is ratified. Isn't it a bit unrealistic to want to put that many jobs on hold for over a year? Especially when UPS is struggling to create the required amount of 22.3s per the present and past contract? This whole deal is just a little strange to me. A few weeks ago I was sure I was going to be full-time now. Now I'm not even sure it will happen this year.
  12. I agree. I would love a bonus, but not at the risk of screwing the future FT UPSers (because eventually I might be one lol), I'm not worried about the screwing the PTimers, we're screwed enough as it is haha. Though I have to wonder who screwed us? (the part-timers). Our wage is pitiful compared to even FedEx (not to mention USPS). However I know they don't receive benes or none comparable to ours. Before anyone says go work there, I enjoy it at UPS, if I didn't, I would. I'm only wondering because I was told it wasn't always that way. I'm just curious if it was a UPS idea, a teamster idea, lack of PTimer participation in the union or any combination of those.

    However if we are offered a bonus I guarantee you all of the new hires that reach seniority will take it. They're lucky to pull 130 bucks a week they way we cut back now, not to mention after initiation fee (500 around here, $25 deduction/wk til paid off) and dues. It'd have to be $1000 before I consider haha :wink:. I joke with them when they look at their check confused I was like your check is missing 100 bucks too huh? something must be done :lol:
  13. I'm not following you red...sorry I'm a little out of it today.

    But anyway, I have no guarantee, I don't think UPS or the Teamsters have any intentions of raising the pay of PTimers. I've heard they plan on cutting back the guaranteed hours, so my hopes for a wage increase are just that, hopes, I don't believe it will happen at all. I really don't think anyone including the Teamsters (I mean the organization itself, not necessarily UPS teamsters) respect the part time workforce at UPS.

    Around here the minimum wage is rapidly closing in on the base rate that UPS offers (currently $7.50/hr) and I know its the same case in other regions too. Come contract time the min wage in MA will be $8/hr which is just 50 cents shy of the starting wage at UPS. I'm not sure if anyone knows but MA has one of the highest costs of living around. So it will only get harder for UPS to field a workforce around here (its already hard enough judging by staffing at my hub).

    Just for the record, I don't expect a part time job to pay all my bills (it doesn't lol) but right now for some it doesn't really contribute much to them either especially with gas the way it is.
  14. Jack4343

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    A month of so ago, we had 37 article 22.3 jobs posted up for bid. They were removed about a week ago and I haven't heard a thing about anyone actually getting one of the jobs. I'm a PT cover here in Atlanta and I didn't bid on one of the jobs. I just couldn't take the cut in pay. I've been covering for over 3 years and I work daily since I have 30 routes under my belt. I know quite a few of the FT drivers bid on those combos but nothing has happened yet.

    Someone posted that the Teamsters don't care about the PT'ers. They're right....and wrong. Here in the local, they are trying to remove cover drivers that are on routes and get full-timers in the spots so I'm not happy about that because if they get their way, I'm out of a job and back in the hub. Of course, by hiring more FT'ers, I'll get moved up the ladder to make full-time sooner so it's a catch-22. I just wish that the union would make a rule about senority and cover drivers. I'm been on-road for over 3 years daily and some new green driver who's been with UPS longer but never on the road gets a FT driving job before me. Stinks but that is the way it works with a union job. Senority beats job performance every day of the week.
  15. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Actually...if you are a qualified part-time cover driver then you will have bidding rights over a person that his been in the hub longer but never been a driver. Our new full-time driver bids (that were put on hold along with the 22.3s) stated that the bids were open "to current package car drivers only." Another cover driver and I are supposed to be going full-time as a result of new bids here and we were told that that means that anyone that has already completed the driving school AND is qualified would win the bid over someone with more company seniority that has no driving experience. The whole thing seems strange to me so I'm not sure I believe it but it wouldn't surprise me if it were true. Also....if UPS would just take all these jobs "off hold" then you'd probably ened up full-time regardless once one the drivers take those 22.3s. I'd say you have nothing to worry about if they were planning on creating 37 of them. If UPS would just stop teasing us we both could be full-time very soon. :)
  16. GuyinBrown

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    Westside... It would have to be up to people like you who see the "Big Picture" to convince the other part timers that screwing the full timers really isn't in their best interests.
  17. JonFrum

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    I wonder how many realize that any part-timer hired during the first year of the current Contract, will not get a raise during his/her sixth year! They don't qualify for the August 1, 2007 raise, because they are still in progression, and they don't qualify for a progression raise later in the year on their anniversary date because they are, by then, out of progression. Just another way the negotiators (on both sides) let the part-timers know where they stand.

    [ Incidentally, I went to college (HC) in Worcester. I was a part-timer for a quarter of a century, until I took an Article 22.3 job as a shifter/carwasher. I work in Lynnfield so we send several feeder loads back and forth to each other every day. As one of the guys who opens the swing doors of the feeders in the yard, could I ask you to tell your loaders that there's something called a Load Retaining Strap, and it's designed to prevent me from being burried by an avalanche of packages and bulk when I open the doors! Thanks. ]
  18. govols019

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    Not true.
  19. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Then why does the contract, as well as the bid sheets, state that the job is only open to current package drivers? It doesn't really matter since all the jobs are on hold but I'm still curious.
  20. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    Where in the contract does it say that a junior employee can bypass a senior employee for a full time job?

    They can write anything on a bid sheet they want to. Doesn't make it true.