New Bonus Starting ... FIRST WEEK OF OCTOBER

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  1. So those of us working for a certain ISP were informed a week ago Friday that we will now be receiving a new weekly bonus. Maybe it's just a coincidence, it starts the FIRST WEEK OF OCTOBER. Things that make you go hmmmmm....


    As we say here down South, I'm calling BULL S&^T on that one.
  3. MrFedEx

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    free permanent vacation!!!
  4. Absolute truth ..
  5. hypo hanna

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    Please post up a picture of the memo.
  6. Cactus

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    The new bonus is your choice of one "atta' boy" one psuedo Bravo Zulu handwritten on your latest OLCC or a pat on the back followed by a kick in the butt. All at mangement's discretion of course.
  7. I'm not going to post confidential material from the company I work for. You don't have to believe me. I know the truth, that's all I care about.
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    Which company are you referring to, the company whose name appears on the side of the truck you drive, or the "company" that is listed as the payer on your paycheck?

    Trust me, I know all about "confidential material" when it comes to FedEx Corp. They are full of it, they have so many secrets to keep...

    I've never posted a document here (been asked many times) so I completely understand reasons for not doing so. But at the same time, taking an excerpt from a document and typing it verbatim isn't risking anything (unless only you received the document from your source).

    If you are worried about "breaking confidence", you already did that by the fact you posted some information regarding either your ISP or Ground. I've "broken confidence" many times (well, let loose with FedEx internal memos...) , but I'm NOT looking to protect FedEx Corp in any way, I'm looking to protect the people who gave it to me.
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    What type of bonus is this and whose pocket is coming out of? Fedex Corp, or the contractor directly. I will give bonuses if their is extra $$$$ and if the route is heavier than normal.
  10. thedownhillEXPRESS

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    He just made this up.
    Trust no one without a track record of being correct ahead of the news, or documentation that backs up nonsensical claims.
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    People must think that these contractors have huge profit margins and could afford to spread the wealth. Not true (but I knew this going in).
  12. I'm talking about the company that is listed as the payer on my paycheck. Absolutely not FedEx.
  13. HomeDelivery

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    so this shouldn't have been brought up on a national board... it's strictly with your local boss...

    I've seen some drivers at the same pay rate since 2006 ?!?! I've given myself a .25c raise per stop to my contractor & he agreed to it.

    Too bad the other individual drivers don't want to come together and do the same <shrugs>
  14. CJinx

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    Depends on the contractor and what areas they service; or if they are ISP, what they negotiated. Especially the ISPs: some of them are making out like bandits with brand promotion and whatnot. We don't have any Ferraris or Jags in the parking lot but some of our guys are doing very well for themselves.

    I think MaineGroundDriver's point is that his ISP is going to start offering bonuses effective in October, which is when there is some alleged announcement that the express couriers believe will bring about the apocalypse. I haven't met any ISPs that are willing to just hand money out like that unless more freight is going to be coming down the pipeline or service is flagging and they are trying to motivate their staff. How is your ISP doing, MGD? lol
  15. He seems to be doing VERY well and he seems to be willing to at least share SOME of the wealth .. hey, in this economy, I'll take any raise and/or bonus I can get. It just seemed odd this is starting the same time the rumors are supposed to come to fruition?