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Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by DS, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. DS

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    Starting this Feb 18th we have a new statatory holiday that falls on the 3rd monday of February .Its called family day.I'll take it~it coincides with presidents day in the US.I think western Canada has had it a few years now.Australia does the same thing.
  2. scratch

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    We need a Family Day down here too. If this country ever got it, I doubt that we would get it off. I'm very surprised with this four-day New Years holiday weekend.
  3. Brown Dog

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    family Day eh? What an excellent idea! We should have one down here- south of our shared border. I've got another idea, how about all veterans, get Veterans Day off. It just doesn't seem right that a veteran has to work on Veterans Day. Doesn't that sound appropriate?:smart:
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    family day sounds like a great idea
  5. JustTired

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    They'd probably make it for a Sat. or Sun. knowing the influence corporate America has on Government. But, I guess if you got paid for it, it wouldn't be all bad.
  6. DS

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    We've been informed by mngmt that since this new holiday falls under provincial legislation and not federal,ups will not be observing it.
    I E-mailed the president of our local teamsters and asked if this was the final word on this.I'll be surprised if he even gets back to me.Anyone with kids will have to arrange child care that day as schools will be closed.Some family day eh.
  7. ups79

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    What percent of those with children, have spouses that work where they will observe the holiday and be off to take care of the kids?