New changes to drug testing rules

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    After reading the letter from UPS Occupational Health, it seems the rules have again changed. Lower cutoff levels, new tests, new testing procedures and new rules that started before we were notified. I guess again it is better late than never and we are required to sign after the fact. The company referred us to an outside website to view the changes so here it is
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    Neither of those worked for me, but it could be because of this huge bowl I'm smoking.
  4. Jones

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    I always knew that was the real reason you came back to package....
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    I thought you used a hocka.
  7. Nimnim

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    So do you wear goggles to keep your eye from getting all red?
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    Were you expecting a personal call from Obama? The federal govenment changed the rules.
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    Huh??? I get drug tested more now that I'm in Package.

    I have a secret to curing red eyes. Open eyes wide and flush with a cold beer.
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    I dunno'...Stupid question...But shouldn't we want our Airline mechanics to be clean? Squeeky clean?

    Nice Thread start to the OP....No BS "Union-stuff" (I mean that nicely); just a notification of a change. Like it!!!
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    What about Cucumbers and Super Glue for your eyes?:happy-very:
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    You guys get drug tested? They don't drug test package down here, you gotta be in feeders for that.
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    Yes kids, I do remember back in the day, a drug screen was something to keep ashes out of your mouth.......
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    I'm thinking Tuesday night Novena's
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    Feeder qualified Package drivers stay in the pool here.