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    yeah we were told of the gps a few weeks ago when we got the new diad, however(get this) we were also told that even though it has the capability that UPS is NOT using it because the software is TOO expensive
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    We've had a few drivers fired for long lunches, gps data used to show they were pre-recording stops and then d/r ing them while in one location (namely at home). They got their jobs back but that's gotta be a hassle. Seems like they can turn the gps thing on or off at will.

    As for the new board and toggling between letters and numbers, if you hold the alpha key down while in number mode, you can select a letter and let go and resume numbers and vice versa for messages to your center "Im gonna b over 12 hours" or what ever
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    We just recently went "live" on pas and daid 4, love it! It does take a little getting used to but worth it. The alpha key is the biggest adjustment, going from ltrs to nmbrs and vice versa. As far as gps never worried about it, as other people have said if your doing your job nothing to worry about. Ups has been there for along time, seen them installing little black boxes on many trucks (mostly guys they suspect are padding miles or over allowed by huge amounts).:thumbup1:
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    Really!! Little black boxes. Where are they installed in the truck? Under the hood? Our mechanic says it costs $120 for each GPS tracking device installed in each truck. Too expensive for every truck, but not for the "problem" drivers.
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    In the old days (1980-81), these "little black boxes" were known as "shakers" that detected motion or vibration. They could be jerry rigged anywhere on the truck including the chassis or engine compartment.

    The shaker I found (1980-81) was disguised as a package with our customer counter shipper number on it. At the time our state didn't have intrastate shipping rights so it was a dead give away. I sheeted the package as missed and handed it to the center manager and told him he could give this back to LP.

    As others have mentioned, just do the job, pace yourself because you have to do this all day and be safe. The cemetary is full of heros.

    If you aren't doing anything wrong they can put antenna's, mirrors, shakers and a telephone capable chimpanzee on top of your truck.
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    Actually you were lied to, the GPS system is built into the DPS System that the Dispatch Sup already uses, no other software is required. Listen Up Everyone...this is the big misconception though about of right now, there is no realtime GPS in almost every center, the Sup's assign drivers, up to about 5 a day to be traced with GPS, and then, the next day, they can look at the GPS, however without map matching being's useless.
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    I have been around since the late 70's and have never heard of "black boxes" or "shakers".
    GPS is real and it's intent is to warn a driver when they're delivering a package where the address entered in the diad doesn't match the GPS coordinates of where they are at that time. I believe it's a future enhancement to diad.
    If you're on the clock they have right to know where you are and as others have stated if you're doing what you're supposed to be doing then what are you worried about?