New driver, have had dot for a year though, Seasonal Cover or Air?

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    Hello, was wondering if anyone knew the answer to this

    I got my dot and went to intergrad a year ago in November to become a driver, I passed but they never ended up calling me. I ended up getting another job during the year to go along with my non driving gig at ups. since it was a bit slow this month I went ahead and asked the centers if they needed a driver, they of course said yeah which is rad cause it is mutually beneficial. Started in the middle of the week and was coded as follows
    day 1: Special Air (which I was ok with, figuring i would get the ground rate)
    day 2: Seasonal Cover
    day 3: Seasonal Cover

    This day I asked the sup. if i was considered an air driver and if id get top rate, he said no that it was only for people who worked inside the building, i reminded him that I did and then he said he would get back to me. He did and said that the manager said that I was considered seasonal cover. He told me that they would adjust day 1.

    Today on Monday after working I checked what they coded me at and now I got coded as
    "Day 4: Unplaned Package shuttle" (which I think is technically air again?) though I didnt get put into the ground log again. Anyone know off the top of their heads if I should be seasonal or air? thanks a ton in advance.
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    What is it exactly that you're doing?

    Are you still working your part time gig and just driving part time?

    Are you delivering air?
    Are you scuttling packages?
    Are you delivering packages, as in a package car driver?

    Depending on what you're actually doing, it kind of sounds like you're a seasonal package car driver or a seasonal TCD.