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    Hey guys and gals, I'm a new driver that started working for UPS back in early Oct. I work for center 2122 (Newington, VA). I must say, it's a lot of work, but I have grown used to it. I was sore for the first 2 weeks because I'm a bit overweight, but wow, I have gone down 2 pant sizes since then and I can keep on moving around after I finish my route. I used to deliver for Car Quest Auto Parts before so I knew what I was getting into when I first started.

    I'll be honest, it was overwhelming at first because my left knee would get sore half way through my day and I also have arthritis in my left ankle despite only being 27 years old from a car accident I had back in high school (not my fault though). There were times when I was going to throw in the towel, but my trainer kept on coaching and pushing me not to give up and I eventually got over the soreness and greatly improved my speed. My muscles around my ankle have strengthened and I don't feel the soreness until after the day when it cools down. I often hear other drivers asking me how I'm able to overcome this when they see me limping despite doing over 170 stops a day by myself and finishing by 19:30 including pick ups at 3 parcel stores and a UPS Store (well over 300+ packages).

    I'm working Thursday and Friday as all drivers have too that day and I hope to make reg temp after seasonal. My sup says I do a good job despite my medical flaws, I'm not using it as an excuse for pity, rather as motivation to overcome anything that comes my way in life. I hope to continue working for big brown as I can see making it into a career and also being beneficial for my health as I'm losing more weight and finally get back into shape. This peak was crazy indeed, since I was tasked with delivering to mostly businesses during the day and residential afterwards and finally doing the pick ups. For the last 2 weeks, after I finish my route, I usually ask my sup if any drivers need help and I usually do go out to get as much as 30 more stops and finish by 21:00 or meet up with other drivers to pick up their pick ups, especially Airs. I didn't have a helper with me though, after the first 2 weeks out on driver ride alongs and sup ride alonsg, I was given my own truck. The only minor complaint I have is that those passenger fold down seats are quite uncomfortable after 12+ hrs, lol. I'm happy to be in the drivers seat now.

    I look forward to asking you vets for advice and hope I make it to reg temp, I like doing this job despite being heavy.
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    Left knee hurts? Do you have one of the old package cars with manual transmission and a stiff clutch? Few of those still around now (mostly automatics now) but those were horrible on knees. Most also lacked power steering in the "good old days".
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    Yes, at first I was driving the older 5 speed diesel package car but when they gave me another route, I still got an older diesel truck but was automatic. The clutch was a bit rough, at least it had power steering, lol. I wear a knee brace and that has helped me a lot so far.