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I’m package driver. I work the Tuesday thru Saturday shift. I was a outside hire so I’m not really sure what contract I’m apart of. I completed the 30 day :censored2:, and now I officially got the job. Is the union ever going to talk to me? I like don’t know :censored2: about the job. So I got a couple questions:
1: when do my heath benefits kick in?
2: is there union dues? An initial payment?
3: I work in a very congested area in NJ and I love the job. But I could see myself in the future moving out of state, or even to different center in NJ that does easy areas. How easy is it to transfer as a driver?
4: what are the shift time for feeder drivers? Cause that’s something I could be interested into looking into in the future too.


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Find out on Tuesday who your Union Steward is from another driver and sit down with them for a bit and talk. You'll get all of your questions answered from them.

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I was an outside hire several years ago. Your benefits start as soon as you obtain a seniority date (pass 30 days). And in my case i had to make several phone calls to make that happen, it should be automatic. Same with union dues, they should come out automatically but mine didnt. I went several months without paying any before i called the union which they then started taking dues out at a higher rate until i got caught up.


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#3 , usaually no.
One is usually confined to jobs within your local.
The contract language with each local is different.
That is why checking with your steward is important.


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#4. Feeders have a variety of start times.
Find the Feeders list and see for yourself.
You may have to wait several years , if not decades, depending on who is in Feeders.


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Call your local immediately and tell them you made it and need dues to be taken out.

Talk to you steward, get a contract book and read it.

Feeder opportunities vary by location. It used to take 20 years to have enough seniority here. Now anyone who signs up gets in immediately, even part timers.

No transfers are usually allowed.