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    Worked for UPS for 12 years...........some as a driver (Teamster) some in management. Coming to that time to retire and reached out to UPS in Atlanta to figure out what the pension retirement age and amount would be so I can start planning. They said I worked as a driver longer than in management and the Teamsters would be paying. Okay, Got it. Contacted the New England Teamsters retirement board and they will not call me back. Will not answer the phone. Have not answered written correspondence. Can someone tell me whether they are swoonhaugling anyone else?????
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    It’s the UPS way
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    How many years as a Teamster?
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    the well is dry

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    It takes 5 years to be vested in a retirement fund, you do have the time in for a benefit with the Teamster's plan. Unfortunately you have less with your Management's plan. You can get a lump size payment when you hit age 65..Will not be much.

    To answer your question about the stonewalling that you got with your retirement..Common Practice..:rolleyes:
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    Take a day off, and go there! No appointment required, and they're very nice people. Monday thru Friday 8-4.

    1 Wall St.
    Burlington, MA.