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    Hello I'm a 7 year express employee been fulltime for about 5½ years and was the last courier to upgrade to fulltime at my station. I was recently told the local ups station is hiring and a good friend of mine is a supervisor and told me to use him as reference. I'm scared of change and wonder if this would be a good choice for me as I'm close to 10 years in however I am under 30. I have a family 3 children and it is stressful at times needing to work overtime and volunteer for everything under the sun to make life easier. I know I won't have muchfree time over at brown but from what iI understand I should be making almost double what I make here within 3 years and much better benefits is this true??
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    As a 25+ year Express employee, I would advise you to leave now... ASAP, especially if you can luck into a full-time driving position at UPS. There is no future here and you will never reach top pay. The pension here is a joke. At UPS, once you become a full-time driver, you will reach top pay in four years with the new contract. Change isn't a bad thing if it's going to be to the advantage of you and your family long term. You are young enough to start over. It won't be easy for a while, but the pay off is well worth it. Just know though, if you become a driver, you will work much harder and your family life during the week may be nonexistent. BUT, you will be paid much better eventually, have much better benefits, more vacation and a real retirement.
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    He told me its $17/hr start which I 1 cent more than I make now, $24 in a year and $34 after 3 years. Does that sound right?
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    Sounds right from what I've read on here. With their new contract it's supposed to go up to $36. But, it will take four years.
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    I would definitely leave now and take the position if still available. Everything I've heard and continue to hear makes me want to jump ship for Brown in a heartbeat. I also am at FDX and cannot stand how terrible their pay is for LTL drivers. I'm a City Driver and and as Indianapolis is one of there biggest operations it is saddening how little we get compensated. Good luck and hopefully you get the position. I'm finding my way in as a Feeder Driver and am willing to move to get that position with Brown.

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    10 years in and only at 17 an hour?! And I thought preload was bad! Go do your family a favor and come to brown!!

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