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  1. Bsmall38

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    Hello all, I'm new to this site and have a upcoming appointment with my local UPS facility. The position I applied for was Package Delivery Driver and when they sent me info about the appointment it was for a Reg Temp Driver. In this scenario I would potentially be a package handler part time and a temp driver. Should I expect a lot of time actually driving or not? Also should I expect to be laid off after Dec? thanks in advance
  2. cosmo1

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  3. Bsmall38

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    Yes to both is what you're saying here Cosmo?
  4. upschuck

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    "Temp" is equivalent to "Seasonal". Sounds like they are enticing people with driving job to be a package handler. Ask at the interview.
  5. Bsmall38

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    Thanks upschuck, it definitely sounds that way, I can't really leave my full-time position to potentially be a seasonal employee. I definitely have a lot of questions to ask during the interview process.
  6. cosmo1

    cosmo1 Now, a low life jack wagon, and still loving it.

    Yes, or maybe.
  7. Bsmall38

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    While I do understand that you can't give me the answer because its really all up to the UPS facility that I applied to. I came here looking for a little advice or knowledge from someone that may know something I don't or has been in the same situation. That's all I'm really asking for, if you can't help that's fine. If you know something and can give me advice that's awesome too and I appreciate it.
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Keep your day job.

  9. Bsmall38

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    My dead end, no chance at a raise day job with little to no job security? While I understand that grass isn't always greener on the other side,, the grass here is pretty much dead.
  10. bleedinbrown58

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    If you quit your day job for could find yourself with no job in January.
  11. Bsmall38

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    Yes I do realize that and that will weigh heavily in my decision if I'm offered a position with UPS. It's a topic that I will discuss during the interview process. Like I said there isn't any job security where I am now, I could be out of a job regardless by January. It wouldn't be the first time they laid me off. The only reason I went back is because I couldn't find anything that paid similar. In my area there aren't any companies like the one I'm employed with so it's difficult to take my experience elsewhere. I figured it can't hurt to do the interview and see where things fall.
  12. Mr Shifter

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    You'd likely drive for December and partially November. They'll push you into a part time position for after the seasonal period which is ends Jan 15th. If the stars and moons align and you do a good job without accidents or injuries during the peak season they would (possibly) use you during the summer to cover vacations.

    With 0 seniority it is likely you won't get much out of this than a perm regular part time gig with UPS which isn't a bad part time gig at all. You'll gain seniority and be able to fill any open driver positions as they open up.
  13. Bsmall38

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    Thanks Mr Shifter
  14. jumpman23

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    All depends on what your looking for. Its a great company to work for, but its just ran like dookee that's all. Lets be real the job sucks nowadays for most part but guess what doesn't suck? 90 TO 100K A YEAR exactly. Sure money isn't everything but it sure does help. Theres going to be a boatload of drivers retiring in even the next 5 years so theres going to probably be a hiring spree of new drivers like crazy. Job security, benefits, health insurance, 401k-stock, and pension, enough said. Yeah you gotta work hard n deal with a lot of bs and long hours but it is what the job is dude. The question like at the top is what do you want out of whatever your looking for?
  15. Bsmall38

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    I want to make good money and be able to retire somewhere down the road. My 34k a year with little to no chance at a raise due to the lack of revenue and work at my current job isn't really getting it done. I work at a poorly ran company and have worked at other poorly ran companies, it's not something that would be new to me. I don't mind hard work and more hours means more money to me. This would also cut my daily commute to and from work in half or more. I don't care where they send me in their truck, I enjoy driving.