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    Ok so last wednesday I had my first interview/tour for the AM loader/unloader seasonale package handler position part time and about 5 other people showed up, the HR manager gave us a tour of the place and then told us to come back the following morning where we had to sign a paper and we had a mini interview with the HR manager which seemed to go great, she then asked for my ID and social security number for a background check and she said that the background check takes 4 days and said that we should be getting a call from her this thursday(she also said that was the day he planned on hiring the new wave of people)

    I also had to fill out those additional documents online( the W-4, setting up a direct deposit, and all that other stuff), but I made a mistake and didnt get any contact info from her so im just stuck waiting for her to call me.

    I checked on upsjobs and my status on there says active, what does that mean? it also says my app is complete

    is this how the hiring process usually goes? Do you think I have the job?
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    You most likely have a job as a seasonal hire. I wouldn't worry unless you don't hear anything this Thursday. If you don't give them a call and see if you can find anything out.

    If you do get a call, get yourself ready. They'll tell you when you need to show up for the first day of class. Make sure you're not late, wear some sturdy shoes, and comfortable clothing, but nothing too nice. The first few days will mostly be classroom, but you'll be taken out for some hands on training. As the first week progresses you'll spend less time in the classroom. After the first week you'll be doing what you were hired for, hopefully you have a good trainer, but this is going into peak season so even with a good trainer the work will get harder. Keep a good head on your shoulders and work safe. You'll make it through.
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    thnx man.
  4. lavista

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    got the job
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    and so it starts. The noobs that have to start a new thread to see if they have been hired.

    Will this be a daily thing or every other day????
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    Quit now while there is still hope for your soul.
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    barnyard, I agree. Unfortunately, these people Google UPS forum, and guess what comes up?

    I'd like to see a new member sub-forum, before you can get into this one. Or maybe a vetting process?