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  1. newguy1

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    im new here, i think its actually cool that UPS has a forum for everyone to share there experiences and help others out.....well i have several questions but im just going to keep it short.

    I am not a UPS driver just yet, i was given an information session for a package car driver job, im really interested in the job, i know as they stessed the fact that it is only seasonal work, come Dec. 26 we will be out of a job, but what are the chances that they keep the seasonal drivers full time? or at least me because im really interested in having a career with UPS, and a hard worker and show my interest in the company. i think its a great company and have only heard good things about it. I am a very hard worker and am used to working 12 hour days in a very demanding physical job. What should i expect and is there any advice for me in order to have a career with UPS as a driver.

    Thank you everyone.
  2. pp from dc

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    This site is not endorsed by UPS. Chances are pretty slim becuase going driver is what we all dream for and somep laces have hefty waiting lists. Just do the job for the experience and make a good impression, who knows.:happy-very:
  3. Forty6and2

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    it really depends on location, but i would not expect them to be hiring too many of their seasonal drivers into permanent positions regardless of how hard you work.
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    also sometimes companies must hire a certain 'amount' of minorities to keep them an equal oportunity employer. I am hispanic/american does this increase my chances of getting hired or has no influence what so ever? just as a thought...
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    I work out of the San Jose building in the North Cal. district and it appears as though we just hired around 5 new drivers, not sure if they were off the street or not but I sure the heck do not recognize all of them. So as it was stated it depends on where you are and what they think of you, because in your situation senority is meaningless. Good luck.
  6. rod

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    I am Irish, English, and German but that didn't help me get hired
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    Don't worry about being a minority; once you get hired you'll be like everybody else, brown!
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    You will be out of a job dec 26. You have almost no chance of getting on full time. In order to get on full time you need to get a job as a part time loader and wait until you have enough seniority to advance to full time delivery jobs.

    Seasonal hires very rarely get hired on full time. The stars have to align. Don't count on it. It's extremely rare.
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    Well Ill tell you, your told your whole life work hard and youll suceed. Sorry if thats your philosophy dont even try. Ive found out UPS is...(well at my center, I cant blame everyone maybe thats the good guy in me).....
    From what ive seen its all about knowing someone espesially(Im not even going to waste my time with the spelling) a manager!
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    what they said in the session yesterday is that in 2004, 12 out of the 40 people were called for fulltime. but last year only 1 stayed fulltime out of the 40 or so.....he said looking at the economy....well what im gonna do is just make a good impression and show that i want to work for the company....even when the year ends i can always call and be persistant and try to become a fulltime going to keep my hopes high....
  12. Covemastah

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    the company follows a contract set between the co. UPS and the Teamsters union. One of the policies is that UPS can hire one person off the street after 5 have been put into a drivers position from with in the part time ranks. We call it the 5 for 1 rule.Maybe you will work out that you may be the 5th good luck and get all the advice that you can from the older drivers.You will meet some great people on this board who will be a great help to you,and like any place else,idiots who won't be as helpful!!! Good Luck DRIVAH !!!!!!
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    Haha what a joke. I have done THREE seasonal package car seasons in a row since last year and I am still part time. I don't mean to get your hopes down but I have been persistant as of late and my managers have tried keeping me all three times but lets face it, The chances are slim :biting:
  14. barnyard

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    The company loves to hire seasonals that have high hopes of going FT. They will get their money's worth out of you.

    When I went to driving school, there was a seasonal there that was convinced that he would be hired permanent at the end of the season. Once we explained the process and the contract rules, he saw the light and quit.

    Looking at the economy, I don't see many buildings growing like they did a couple of years ago.

    You should have another job lined up for January.

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  15. No such person

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    I started as a casual in Oct 06 and made it straight to full time in Jan 07, along with 2 other drivers. Then last year my 2 casuals went straight to full time after peak. It depends a lot on demand. I was in a center with a lot of drivers close to retirement. The best advice I have is to never punch out before asking "is there anything else you want me to do " . Remember, your isn't to deliver packages, it's to make your manager look good.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    Have you even talked to the Union yet?
    After three consecutive seasonal package car runs, you are automatically seniority. The only reason it wouldn't happen is if there is something in your unions supplemental contract. This keeps from UPS holding back drivers just for the seasonal runs, then pink slipping them.
    Make sure your union is on the ball with this and talk to your business agent.

    Then again, you have to remember the 5-1 rule, but it sounds like you are already in the union part-time so it doesn't make sense.
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    i know about the 5-1 rule, and i think it is understandable and fair, but i know the chances aren't impossible. i will be choosing between 2 jobs, a full time position doing something else, or taking this seasonal job and trying to make and have a good career for myself. most people here are negative about my possibility becoming fulltime. i have to be real positive going into it, and hope that my hub is in need of some full timers....what i dont understand is in 2004, they hired 12 seasonal full time drivers, so that would have meant that they ended up hiring 60 new full time drivers if useing the 5-1 rule, thats alot! and last year only 1 season driver which would be only 6 new full time drivers, which sounds more realistic, but how many drivers are in a normal hub? this hub is real big....
  18. barnyard

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    Or, they posted the bids for PT and there was no one qualified to sign. We hired a bunch off the street 2 years ago, because all the PT guys were not eligible, the one's that were eligible were not interested.

    Plus, in 2004, the economy was growing and deliveries were also growing. It will probably take at least another year for the economy to turn around. No new routes till that happens.

    Plus, with shrinking volume, as guys retire, they will not be replaced as fast.

    I would not be wanting to bet a house payment on going FT after this season.

  19. barnyard

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    I started as an off the street hire last October "seasonal driver." I did EVERYTHING that was asked of me, kissed ass, brought the splits I was doing in under, said thank you sir may I have another, had the living S kicked out of me, and just kept smiling. All I can say is you are going to have to work your ass of like never before, and smile and be positive as possible whilst doing it. Don't expect any praise from your on car or center manager either. Also don't expect them to tell that you might be one of the ones that they might keep after freeze. Just work as hard as you can, and try to be as positive and friendly as possible to your center manager and on cars. Anyway, that's how I got in. And about after December 26th, I've heard guys being laid off for a week, two weeks, I was only laid off for two or three days, when I got called back. I'm 44 years old and have been working since I was 16, and have never enjoyed any job I've ever had until now. I look forward to going to work now for the first time in my life. I'm in better shape than I was at 24. When I started I was 215 lbs, am now 165 lbs. I wish you all the luck getting on, it's a great effing job...