New hire and not getting work

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    Stick it out man. I didn't have to deal with any of this stuff but I did have to work part time in the middle of the night, then go home and shower, then go to my :censored2:ty full time job, then come home again very tired. My wife put up with a lot but I did tell her that this was the deal.

    Now I bring home a lot of money, I run the same route every day it's my route, I know my customers, and I can run my route in my sleep. I don't even have to think while I work I listen to endless audiobooks, podcasts, and chat with my wife while I listen to her play with our kids and home school them.

    It is a rough gig at times and the stress can be high. But I have a stay at home mom wife who homeschools our kids, I have a nice house, nice cars, the wife and I went to a concert tonight, and my kids lives will be better than mine.

    There's not a lot of us poor schlubs who can say this anymore. My closest brother has a masters degree in chemistry, he is now thinking of going for a PhD. His wife has a BS in biology. They both work. Combined they have over $200,000 in student loan debt. Combined they make what I make in a year , though I work ups driver hours and they do the normal 9 to 5.

    Another family I know, I'll call her my sister I grew up in foster care for half my life , and she was my sister for awhile, her husband is working full time in the same field for almost twenty years, and he's going back to get a masters degree. No debt, he's a smart guy, but he makes half what I make.

    It's a rough slog and a steep climb but we are one of the last good union jobs around. Sure we bitch about the dumb :censored2: this company does, and it's legit complaints, but it's worth it.

    And yes one day you will be guaranteed 40 and you'll be working 50 or 55 and during peak you will be working to the breaking point. Do tell your wife that you've got a plan, but during the month of our Lord's birth you will not be coming home at anything close to a reasonable time.
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  2. KoennenTiger

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    Is there any cover guy who isn't doing routes blind?
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    He hasn't reached seniority, so he's not in the union yet.

    OP hasn't made book yet, so he can't cover other routes. As a 22.4 he should still be able to work inside, but then he'd be guaranteed 8 hrs.
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    I don't understand how he could be a 22.4 if he hasn't made seniority yet. Isn't he just another temp at this point and just a guy trying to get into a bid?

    Like he's going for 22.4 but, well do they have a packet? How's that even work? Does he have senority is he a teamster at this point?
  5. zubenelgenubi

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    22.4 would be like any other job, you apply for it, that's what you get hired for. The company could be lying and actually hired him as a seasonal, but I'm just going on what the OP has told us. The packet thing is up to the company. Since they aren't putting him to work inside for the time being, they either don't want to fulfill his 8 hr guarantee, or plan on using him for driving only. We don't have any 22.3 combo drivers here, but I presume 22.4's will function much like those, the main difference being schedules and pay scales.

    As for seniority and joining the Union:

    From the National Master

    Article 3 Section 2

    "All present employees who are not members of the Local Union and all employees who are hired hereafter, shall become and remain members in good standing of the Local Union as a condition of employment on and after the thirty-frst (31st) day following the beginning of their employment, or on and after the thirty-frst (31st) day following the effective date of this subsection, or the date of this Agreement, whichever is the later. An employee who has failed to acquire, or thereafter maintain, membership in the Union, as herein provided, shall be terminated seventy-two (72) hours after the Employer has received written notice from an au- thorized representative of the Local Union, certifying that mem- bership has been, and is continuing to be offered to such employ- ees on the same basis as all other members, and further that the employee has had notice and opportunity to make all dues or initi- ation fee payments."
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    He isn't in the union until he makes his 30 days
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    Thanks for the encouragement.
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    The OP might have not realized what he was signing.
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    They haven’t even mentioned to me and all other new hires abt working inside.
  10. Hassan87

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    Mayb you are right. When I applied it was for 22.4. My application also says combo driver. However, I wasn’t given a packet. They told me from the beginning that they don’t know how much I would be working , it could me 2 days, 3 days, or 4 days. However last week I was given only one day of work.
  11. Hassan87

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    I think your are right.
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    Fixed it for you.