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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by tylerjoefish, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. tylerjoefish

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    As the title states, I’m a (potential) new hire. I’ve been given a contingent job offer pending the results of my background check.

    My situation is thus: I was in a motor vehicle accident 4 years ago, for which my license was suspended for 1 year. I was young and dumb, and didn’t realize that I had to have my license reinstated. I drove like this for 4 YEARS! Anyway, I finally had my license reinstated in October, 10 months ago.

    So my question is will this show up as having my license suspended in the last 12 months on my background check? Will this be a disqualification for the full time permenant package delivery driver I’m hiring in for?
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    Ask the person who took your information for background check. Next!
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  6. Im off duty
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    If you were suspended for one year over four years ago then I would think that your record is clean. The question is were you caught and charged with driving without a license after that one year was up.
  8. tylerjoefish

    tylerjoefish New Member

    15 months ago I was pulled over for speeding. I wasn’t ticketed for speeding, but for having a suspended license. That’s how I found out my license had never been reinstated. I hired a lawyer and had the appropriate paperwork completed and was reinstated 10 months ago. The interviewer asked for any citations in the last 12 months, so I didn’t mention that. If questioned, I plan on being honest about what happened and laying it out as I have here.
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    Dont give up any info you dont have to. Answer their questions truthfully but only their questions.

    Sounds like you have been 100% honest so far. Play it cool and see what happens, only thing you can do.
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    That’s something I’d bring up in the interview process.
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    I believe the requirement is no accidents or tickets in the past 3 yrs.
    Check with HR.
  12. tylerjoefish

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    I’ve been trying to contact HR, unsuccessfully. In other threads on this forum I’ve seen pictures taken of UPS documents detailing that there should be no tickets or moving violations in the last 12 months and no accidents in the past 3 years. Also that there should be no combination of the 2 amounting to more than 3 in the last 3 years. Hopefully this means that I meet the parameters. They have also scheduled me to take my driving test and physical this coming Wednesday, and informed me that my week long class will start August 13.
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    OP, you are correct, zero in the last 12 months, etc. they have already run your background or they wouldn't have set up your road test.
  14. tylerjoefish

    tylerjoefish New Member

    My friend, a current driver, referred me and gave my name and phone number to his sup. I received a call for the interview before actually filling out anything in UPSjobs. Is it possible they did a sort of background check before bringing me in to interview, as criminal and driving records are public records?
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    Central Region

  16. tylerjoefish

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    That’s the form I saw.
  17. tylerjoefish

    tylerjoefish New Member

    I got the job, thanks for everyone’s help answering questions!
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    Congrats. We are all looking forward to your next thread where you say, "My supervisor was talking loudly to me, so I told him he was a buttface and quit, how do I get my last check?"
  19. tylerjoefish

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    Here’s to hoping that’s about 35 years from now and I’m actually asking about collecting my pension after calling the sup a buttface!