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    Hello all.
    I have a question. I have accepted a position as a loader. I wanted to join UPS specifically for the benefits. The evening/night shifts work great for me as I have a very lively and busy daylife. I am not interested at this time in FT or driving (as I understand it, driving is a FT day position)
    I am also NOT interested in management. It's a HUGE 'been there - done that, would rather loose a body part then do it again' type thing.

    SO, What options do I have as a long term, PT employee with no desire for the management experience? Are there other opportunities outside of preload, sort, load, or unload. Or is my destiny in the warehouse.

    I realize I'll find out more when I start, but thought there is much more insight here and I can begin to plan accordingly.

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    Speaking for myself I dont think I could handle working before or after my shift. Some people do. Watching my daughter during the day at home is hard enough. I am an AM pre-loader however, which has the getting up real early factor.:closedeye

    You could go part-time in H.R.
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    Your options for PT are just that.

    As a part timer or even a full timer, almost all UPS positions, unless your in corporate or a driver of some sort will have you in a warehouse.

    If you hate moving boxes, then get out now. Otherwise get used to the idea and enjoy the bennies and the pay. (when you've been there long enough to actually make something)
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    Dont tell them you are just there for the bennies, they want someone who wants to move on so they will work even harder to prove themselves, if you just want to get your guarantee and do your day thing, just do it, dont tell them just for the benefits..........
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    Working harder doesn't get you anywhere at UPS. All working hard does is break your body down... I worked my butt off the first year at UPS, unloaded more trailers on preload then the rest of the guys and all it got me was the same pay and benefits as everyone else.

    Good luck.