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    Hi I am new to UPS and new to this forum as well any information provided will be greatly appreciated as i have not been able to get answers from other co workers i figured maybe someone out there would have the answers. I was hired at UPS before peak season started on October 24th I worked the first two weeks then my boss told me we were not busy and to call in every morning and i did this and did not work for about 10 days. After this i came in every day at start time up until January 15th. I was originally hired as a loader and have been moved all over and done every job there from small sort to sure post to repacks every day is something different during this period i have never been late never called in and never written up i have had a few instances where at the end of my shift my supervisor would say you need to work on this or you could improve here but nothing serious. So on the 15th i showed up to work and was told were not sure we need you today call in the morning and we will tell you what to do so i called in and they said we are not busy dont come in now this would be fine except for there are people who were hired after me that are still coming into work and i have two friends who work there who are telling me the place is slammed so i am wondering what is going on and when is my 90 day period up because i have recieved numerous conflicting answers to this per my calculations 90 days would be the 24th of january but some people have told me if your not working it doesnt count if you dont work for a month you start back at square one so im just looking for some insight as to what is taking place here and any course of action any of you would take if you were in this postion.
  2. Get with you union shop steward in your center thats what hes for and he should fight for you if you have a case
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    Could you repeat the question?
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    Punctuation is our friend. Seriously though, that is nearly incoherent.

    Sooooo, you've been laid off a lot and you are mad about it? You think you should get credit for days you aren't there?!? Your friends told you some stuff, and you think you can grieve now? Am I even close?
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    Sorry for the typing issues in the first post got a little carried away i guess so in short these are my questions or concerns

    1. How is my 90 days calculated is it 90 calendar days so Oct 24th to January 24 or is it calculated differently
    2. After my 90 days how do i go about getting my guarenteed hours each day instead of waking up at 3 and calling to see if i have to come in
    3. Is it normal practice to tell me that they are not busy enough to use me yet people who were hired after me are still being called into work

    I have no idea who our steward is or how to approach him and in response to the last post I dont know what a grievance is and how i would even go about initiating the process. Like i said i am new to all of this and did not know where else to turn
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    If you are laid off you are not guaranteed :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:.
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    How will i know i am laid off will my boss say something to me will i sign a paper what is the procedure. When i was hired i had to sign a contract stating i would work for a year and if i quit before then would be marked as not rehire so does this make that null and void. Finally shouldnt the people who were hired after me be getting laid off firs.
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    Ask you HR person. You know, the one that hired you.
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    I would go to HR like in a normal job except the HR person who hired me does not work at my center she travels between 8 centers in 2 different states i have not seen her since the day i was hired.
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    My view of your situation is that you were hired as a temp and the days in Oct,Nov,and Dec do not count toward seniority. Normally you would be re- hired the first of the year and the days to seniority start then.You need to find out who your steward is (ask someone) then get with he or she off the clock to review your status.
  11. How low is your pph? I know the union does not recognize production standards, but until you make it off probation, it does matter.
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    New hires, here's your question thread....