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  1. nystripe96

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    I have two questions. I was just hired for package handler position, and was notified to come in for training this tues. Does the first day count as a paid work day even though it's just training and orientation? Also, are package handlers allowed to wear digital watches?
  2. hondo

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    Yes (paid) and yes (watch-I recommend it, and that it be a cheap one).
  3. nystripe96

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    I hear that. Thanx man
  4. JonFrum

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    According to the New England Supplement, all time spent in a Company orientation program does not count toward the acquisition of Seniority. New hire part-timers get $30 a day. Other regions may have different rules.

    I assume a "training day" involves the advancing of packages and would therefor qualify as a regular paid work day at $8.50 per hour with a 3.5 hour daily minimum guarantee.
  5. NewChris

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    Jon is correct. Cornerstone will "assign" the amount of time you will be paid each day. Probably less than four hours, even if you are there longer than that. On day 5 when you actually work the floor this will be time paid according to how long you actually work. Personally I don't wear a watch. When the belt yells break I know we are breaking. Other than that I don't want any extra bulls_hit on me while I'm sweating like a wh*re in church.
  6. working up a sweat

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    Orientation last about 3 hours. In my hub all the newbies are broken in slowly, they send them home after about an hour. They do that because the work is so physical, they want the newbie to get in shape. It takes a couple weeks for the newbie to get into shape for the UPS pace. Good luck. After your 1st shift there, you will see how fast the sort works and say to yourself, "What did I get myself into? LOL!
  7. nystripe96

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    I'm mentally preparing myself for the insanity just by reading this forum haha. Just, how often should I expect to be layed off before I make union? I've heard from many package handlers that I could essentially go to work, only to find out they don't need me on a particular day, but once I make union I won't have to worry about that anymore.
  8. nystripe96

    nystripe96 Active Member

    What are the best pair of work gloves I should buy?
  9. upsgrunt

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    Buy a cheap pair first to see if you will even want to wear gloves, then go from there.
  10. working up a sweat

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    I started out already a Teamster. I paid my initiation fee(450.00) 14 years ago. I was a re-hire in 2009. I am still on bottom of seniority chart(had to start all over). I get laid off every Monday night after peak because that is the low volume shift. After Memorial Day when vacation time for fellow workers starts up, they bring me in for Mondays. I had to work 6 months to get full health insurance benefits. Some have to work a year to get to that point and a year and a halve to get bennies for the family. Expect to get a check for 5 dollars or less when you first start because you have to pay the Teamster initiation fee. Work hard with positive attitude, show up every night and on time, They will dump you after peak if you slack.
  11. HomeDelivery

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    harbor freight's western safety gloves... i got 'em for $3.99 with a coupon last time.

    wears out just as fast as those mechanix pair of thin gloves, but at a 1/3 of the price!


    as a pre-loader for my own vehicle, i'll wear out the fingertips of the gloves first... cut off the tips to turn them into 1/2 gloves and stitch up the tears with a needle and thread... it beats having black hands after the loading is done :peaceful:
  12. Kis124

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    there are places that get breaks? wow..I never get one even during peak...
  13. nystripe96

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    If they need me for a double, how much break time would they give me between shifts?
  14. working up a sweat

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    Breaks last 10 minutes. In my hub we start at midnight and break at 1:30. During peak nearing Christmas , I work doubles. We work from 6 PM to break at 8 PM. After break, work to about 10 to 10:30. You get a lunch break till 11:30. You work the next half to 1:30 break. After 10 minute break the sort last until all the work is done. They pay PTers time and half for any time worked after 5 hours on later shift.
  15. nystripe96

    nystripe96 Active Member

    Wow, so wait OT doesn't automatically kick in after the first 5 hours, I gotta wait till 5 hrs on shift #2 for OT pay?
  16. hondo

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    In order to accurately answer this question, one would have to know under which Teamster/UPS regional and local supplements, riders, addenda, letters/memoranda of understanding, etc. you fall under.
    Between your screen name, NYstripe96, and your reference to 'Queens' elsewhere (which I take to mean the Borough of New York City)[Please correct me on this important point if I am in error]; I believe you are in Local 804's jurisdiction. From their supplement Article 6, Section 1:

    Part-time employees, when reporting to work as scheduled, shall be
    granted a minimum of three and one-half (31/2) hours, except for
    those part-time employees scheduled to work eight (8) hours.
    Part-time employees who start work before their regular start time
    shall be paid at straight time for work prior to their regular start
    time, plus their guarantee.
    Any part-time employee who works beyond the fifth hour shall be
    paid one and one-half (11/2) times their regular hourly rate for those
    hours worked in excess of five (5) hours. However, when an
    employee elects to accept an assignment to a second shift this provision
    shall not apply. A second shift is defined as one having a
    planned break between it and the preceding shift. Part-time employees
    shall receive the guarantee provided in Article 22, Section 5 in
    the National Master Agreement.

    There is too much 'wiggle' room in that language for me to give a definite answer (perhaps a 804 member/steward could help us out here), but it would appear that if you agree to work an extra shift, you forfeit the OT rate after 5 hours; it (OT) goes into effect after 8 hours.
    There is another gray area, what day does each of the shifts you work show up on the operations report? Real world example: You work:
    • 6-10PM Monday (Twilight shift)
    • 11PM Monday-4AM Tuesday (Night shift)
    • 6-9:30PM Tuesday (Twilight shift)
    So in 2 days you worked 12.5 hours, how much of that is at OT rate? I'm curious to see how many different answers people can come up with, and how/why they came up with that answer.
  17. nystripe96

    nystripe96 Active Member

    That's a lot of gray area imo. If you're asked to stay on for a double, the OT should kick in after 5 hrs regardless of breaks. Hopefully they put that in the new contract. Busting my :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: for 8+ hrs at the standard rate sounds brutal. Can't wait for peak now, ohh fun :/
  18. nystripe96

    nystripe96 Active Member

    What's good to eat and drink during break? Do u run to the lockers and get your stuff really quick, bathroom etc, or can u leave your cooler bags nearby so u can scarf it down without wasting time?
  19. hondo

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    LOL, the official posted security policy at the last building I worked in was NO COOLERS FOR PART-TIMERS. It wasn't enforced (or challenged) that I know of; but I was amused to read it, with it's rationalization.

    Bring water, maybe 1/2 gallon to start (until you get a feel for how much you will need). A reusable water bottle with a wide mouth is a good idea, there might be ice/water machines in your building (just don't rely on them to actually have ice when you really need it). Maybe a sports drink, too; or the powder packets you dump into your water (much cheaper to stock up at the store rather than buying from the vending machines in the building). As far as food, it's usually only a 10 minute break, so maybe a modest sandwich, or a banana, candy bar, some cookies or chips in a baggie. Remember this is also the time to get to the bathroom and wash your hands. Lockers? More likely some coathooks in your work area. DO NOT bring in anything nice (jacket, hat, watch, etc.)-too easy for your stuff to get stolen/dirty/damaged. I do like to spoil my self with a dry tee-shirt to change into.
  20. nystripe96

    nystripe96 Active Member

    Thanks for the insight. It'll take a while obviously to get into a routine, but every little bit helps