New IBT/UPS Pension plan.

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    Has anyone got their new summary plan booklet for the new pension plan?
    I looked it over and i understand early retirement you take a penalty and all,most the guys i work with will have 40 years in at 60 years old.We all started in the air district in the mid 1980's at 18-20 years old.My concern is with the examples given. A part time 30 year pension is $751.00.So if you worked 5 years p-t you would get 125.00 part time ppension when you turn 65...10 years part time would be 250.00 or so part time pension + whatever your full-time pension. My problem /question is at least here in the air district we receive 55.00 /yr for each part time year if still p-t before i think 1997. AND 80.00/yr for each 6 hr/yr if pt before i think 1992 .andways,i may have numbers slightly off but 55.00/year doesnt translate into 751/30 year pension. Anyone have any info on whats going on here?