New & Improved Benefits for Future Retirees

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    What are the prerequisites for a currently pensionable full time employee to also receive and lock in the improved retiree benefits provided in the newest contract? {Central States; Florida region} Can you retire before the total ratification process is complete? Would retirement benefits be retroactive like our hourly pay? The eligibility date for new benefits are somewhat ambiguous and not defined. What is the least complicated way and/or the earliest time one can qualify for the new benefits?
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    I would think that you would have to wait until the new contract is in place before being eligible to receive the improved benefits. This is why you will see guys who are eligible to retire near the end of a contract wait to see what's in the new one before making their decision.
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    Thanks Upstate for reply. Most of us wanting to retire down here waited for new contract and know what's in it. Just can't get an exact date to qualify for the "what we know is in it" other than January 2014. Our supplement passed first vote. Kinda fed up and tired of waiting. We got what we got and it's time to move on or out.....ASAP.
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    Most people in my center were afraid we would get screwed this contract so 3/4 of people able to retire did so. Took the money and ran while they could. Mostly worried about losing the 25/30 and out.