New Loader here, scanner help!

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    Hi guys, just started and I to do the real working today by them giving me my own trailer. There are several things I'm confused about. And they all involve the SCANNER.

    Basically my Training person hasn't really showed me how to use it properly and I was wondering if there was any guide or help any of you guys could give me. basically how to login, remove a bad scan, and logout. ANY other tips would be much appreciated. Thanks
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    I use this scanner in my hub.
    The easiest thing to do is just ask your supervisor for help, but I'll try to help you the best I can. I don't know the exact key combination to log-in, log-out off the top of my head, but I can explain how the scanner interface works.
    The scanner has three modes, which are displayed on the right hand side of the screen. C is command? mode, A is used for letters, and 9 for numbers. To cycle between these modes hit the double up arrow key.

    C-mode commands:
    -Holding 5 + F1 removes the current load, which logs you out of that trailer, confirm with the (+) key.
    -Holding 5 + F2 removes the last package scanned, confirm with the (+) key.
    -Pressing 2 adjusts the screen brightness.
    -Pressing 4 adjusts the scanner's volume.
    -Pressing 6 turns on the screen light, useful in those dark trailers.
    Keep in mind you need to be in C mode to use these commands.

    Other useful things:
    -If you need to key enter a package (type the tracking number in manually) use F2 to save you the trouble of typing in that 1Z, which every UPS tracking number has. Next you will need to cycle between 9 mode and A mode to type in the various numbers and (if applicable) letters in the tracking number.
    -Hit (-) and then 7 to see your total number of scans.

    As far as logging in and out, the only thing I can say that may help is to just follow your screen. If you see a box prompt you, use either (+) to accept, or (-) to cancel.

    I'll warn you now, these scanners suck. They are terrible. They disconnect on you all the time, and many times will not reconnect. I believe in my area we are getting new wired scanners next year, because these wireless ones suck.