New Package Handler for 2 weeks.

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    Hey guys/gal I've been with UPS for 2 weeks now as a loader and was wondering what is the likely chance of me actually becoming a package car driver or freight driver in the future... way in the future as a female? Those were my other two options for this company besides being in management after obtaining my Business degree in a few years.

    Another question if this job is finally perement after 30 calender days(my probabtion period) where do you usually go to put your name on the list for a package car driver/freight driver. I know about senority and it may take 2-4 years at my station. I spoke to many people and know that some of them is stuck in the same position for 10+ years as a loader(that I don't want to do). lol Any advice?
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    Take advantage of the tuition reimbursement program (when you become eligible), complete your degree, take that degree and look for work elsewhere.
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    So I have been working for UPS since late September and would like to know when my job is safe? I hear its 1 month, 3 months or January. And does it help that I already started my weekly dues? I'm only asking this cause they keeping saying I'm one of the best workers but I still probably wont make the team in my area.