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    Hi- was hired by taking some tests via the app as package handler and start date is next week. Does anyone know how they choose which area you work in? what’s the work environment like- will ppl look down on me bc I’ll struggle at first? It’s the Minnesota location.
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    Drink lots of water, your first week will be in a classroom, when you get to the floor, you will struggle at first, but just learn from the other loaders or unloaders, after a week of doing the same thing over and over, it will get easier, If you have a question about something ask, work at a steady but safe pace, people wont look down on you unless you are not working, always on your phone. do your best and keep safe, and again drink lots of water, those trailers are like ovens sometimes.

    oh also look at the sticky for new package handlers at the top of the page. lots of info there
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    lol. Your first week at your center is in a classroom?

    My first day they gave me three heavy trucks to load.
    Really wish I had pictures of my area from that day. As I recall, by break it looked like a tornado came through.

    OP, you will absolutely struggle. We do hard work for our money.
    Don't quit, though. Everybody was awful when they started. Just give yourself time, and know that it gets more familiar, and you will get more proficient as time goes on.

    And I agree about the phones. Nobody likes a guy who spends all day messing around on their phone, and then needs bailing out. Make it clear that you're there to do your best, and most guys (or gals), will cut you some slack while you learn.
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    Periods man, periods !
  5. Shift Inhibit

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    Maple Grove hub?
  6. Maple Grove MN Driver

    Maple Grove MN Driver Cocaine Mang!

    What location in MN?
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    Just remember one thing - no matter how hard you work, it will never be good enough.
  8. In the big sorting hubs the new hires go through “Cornerstone” where they learn how to build walls.

    For what it’s worth most of the training isn’t really about working effectively, it’s about making sure Snuffy McLoader can’t file a claim when he slips a disc jerking on a cable spool or splashes industrial strength caustic soda all over himself.
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