New PAS label?

Discussion in 'UPS Information Technology' started by Solidarity413, Mar 29, 2009.

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    Hey everyone,
    Not sure if this is in the right spot this is my first day here. Sorry if it's in the wrong area. Has anyone seen the new PAS labels? Not sure if this is old technology and if we're just now getting it or if we're one of the firsts. It's a ink printed label instead of an actual label. I was on vacation when the implemented it so didn't get to hear a PCM about it if there was one. From what I know is this: they want to replace all the SPA computers with this new system and it is going to get rid of out-of-sync's from the SPA person. I think it's a great idea but there are so many problems with the new ink version. There is more info I have on it, but if it's old technology I won't bother going into detail. Anyone know anything about this?
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    If you're talking about the magenta ink printed directly on the pkg it is the new way - SPA imprinter.
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    Have been working pre-load since being laid-off. These labels suck! Very hard to read in the package compartment. Smudge on bags. If put on a barcode it is a nightmare to scan when del. A good cost saving idea but costs time on area!
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    Saw one on a package delivered to my house. I would not want to try and read this coming down a belt and forget it in a boxline. My take on this is that this is take one ... we'll keep working with it until it gets better ... much better.
  5. The ink sucks...we experimented with them for add cuts and while it was easier with the imprinter...the preloaders hated it so we voted to use the ispa for that whenever possible (for as long as we keep them around haha)
  6. hopefully sooner rather than later
  7. pudg00

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    ispa is great for the add/cut if you get the cut before you leave or even know you have one until you are half way done! I speak from experience.
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    Yeah, I really like the ispa for add/cuts it's great. Too bad we have to get rid of our ispa's for the new ink printers. :dissapointed:

    And I do think we'll improve them, or at least I hope. I know that I heard the ink is supposed to last for 6000 packages and when they started using them on our sort they were going out at 400, so since it hurts their pocketbooks I know they'll fix it! Thanks for the responses guys!
  9. Really? we still have ours? I hope they don't get rid of them, because while the imprinters are more convenient, their legibility still sucks on many parcels compared to a black and white label.
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    I just wish they would not put the pas labels on top of the barcode. We have enough delays now without dealing with having to type in every fifth barcode.
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Find BC
  12. Are we stillusiing the 'maxicode' in addition to the '1Z'?

    Go UPS!
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    Yes--they scan the bullseye and it spits out the PAL which they affix to the pkg (hopefully the right one). SPA--scan/print/apply

    What they are talking about is some of the centers have gone to where they scan the bullseye and then apply the PAL directly to the pkg, skipping the print portion. The preloaders in those centers have complained that these new labels are much harder to read and smudge easily.
  14. What'dyabringmetoday???

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    Unfortunately, that does not always work. It is nice when it does.
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Actually, if the pkg is in EDD than Find BC will work each and every time. You just have to know how to use it. Let me know what problems you are having with it and I will be more than happy to help you.
  16. What'dyabringmetoday???

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    There are times that it does not work. There are several oddities with these DIAD boards as far as I am concerned. Perhaps it is just my board. I do not think so though. For instance, when clarifying a signature sometimes it will work while in numeric mode, but other times you need to shift. Maybe not several oddities, but a couple.
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Tell you what--I will come in an hour early and, rather than sort my car, I will sit down with you and walk you through whatever you need help with.
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    Then there are some SPAs that only scan the bar code, which produces limited information on the PAL.
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    How about over the COD amount.:angry-very2:
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    and actually, this is one of the advantages of the new label made by the imprinter that the OP talks about. The magenta ink is transparent to the scanner on your DIAD, so with the new printers, I can print 10 PAL prints right over the bar code and still be able to scan it...

    and yes, I have done it :happy2: