new phraseology for managers at FedEx

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    Ok, I watched "Hell on Wheels" on AMC, and the line boss foreman guy called the lazy workers "Coffee Boilers". I thought this was the most perfect phrase to describe our illustrious management often are some of them seen without coffee?

    Just sayin...
  2. menotyou

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    Coffee in hand, feet up on the printer............
  3. MrFedEx

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    We'll be leaving the building at about 0845 local today, and as soon as we're out the door, the office doors get shut and inactivity begins. I think we are down about 8 routes today, so maybe we could use a manager or two on the road. Think that's going to happen? I'm already 20 over and the sort is still going.
  4. bbsam

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    I always show up in the morning in sweats with coffee in hand just to send the message, "I have no intention of doing anything resembling driver-like work today." Always keep uniform handy, just in case.
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    Do you guys punch in 5 min before start time? Just checking cause for about 5 months now our Sr. only allows us to clock in 2 or 3 min before scheduled start..2 min if your truck is on one side of the belt and 3 min if its on the other side..I did some calculations and it comes to around 150.00 dollars a year lost pay.


    I thought the 5 minute early was policy, guess I was wrong. Must be nice to alter the rules as you go.
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    I think you're right..on saturdays the couriers all punch in 5 min before start time and nothing happens..One of my friends said they punched in 5 min on one day during the week just to see and nothing was said..So I think it is policy and this mgr might just have it come back to bite them on the you know what.
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    Sounds typical of most Contractors. While FedEx blows up ground routes with HD stops and sends us on our way with 50 to 75 more stops there is no help in sight. Nevermind most of us do not get breaks and lunches anyways and run all day to get our own routes done. Then if we get in a wreck FedEx has Contractors fire those drivers because they are a liability. I saw it happen to one of our drivers pushing 14 hours no breaks no lunches and know he has no job. Nice remember safety first and if you get no help go by the book and if you dont finish maybe they will put down the cup of joe and give you a hand.
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    I guess they're counting on a bad economy for a long time because how can you treat people like that if there were plenty of jobs out there?
  10. Cactus

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    And no wonder Ground gets a bad name. I'm sure your drivers are soooo happy to be working 14 hours a day w/o any breaks just so you can loaf.
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    I think they are called "wankers" in Australia, because they are always diddling, not working. Seems like a good fit for here too. Anyone remember Paul Hogan as "Leo Wanker", from his old show? That character would have been a perfect FedEx manager.
  12. bbsam

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    We are ISP's here. The only HD stops I take are the ones I know we can easily handle or I will do myself. It's actually something I asked about during the negotiating process. Those stops are absolutely the responsibility of the HD ISP and if he/she can't do it, the company has temps to do it.